Staff Q&As: Dana Kistler

Name: Dana Kistler

Grade: 12

Position: Staff writer

Semesters spent on TCT: 3

1. Why did you decide to join TCT?

“My initial interest in TCT [came from] just knowing about interesting features and reviews. They were all from our very own website, and I thought that was so cool. I also wanted to improve my writing, so I thought ‘why not?'”

2. How has TCT helped you grow as a writer and person?

“I think I’ve developed from writing more creative articles such as columns and poems, but also just from challenging myself in weaker areas like editorial.”

3. If you were a type of cheese, what type of cheese would you be?

“I am inexperienced to talk about cheeses, as I’m not educated in the breed. My favorite type of cheese is colby jack, yet I see myself as blue cheese. The blue cheese is a unique personality and an acquired taste, just like me!”

4. What is your favorite thing about writing?

“I’m not always great at explaining myself, but through creating a descriptive picture, I can explain how I feel.”

5. What’s your funniest story of complications while working on a story? 

“One time when I was trying to get all my interviews in, I had two in one hour. So, I went to interview one and quickly rushed back to get the other, and I was running at this point. So when I arrived, I was all out of breath.”

6. Who’s your favorite literary character and why?

“For sure Y/N. She’s super cool and relatable, yet can stand up for herself.”

7. What is your favorite type of story to write and why? 

“I love columns. I just like talking about my feelings through symbolism.”

8. What are your aspirations for the upcoming decade?

“Earn lots and lots o’ money.”

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