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Rat Q&A: Madie Weaver

Name: Madie Weaver

Grade: 10

1. What is your act? 

“I am dancing a ballet variation from Sleeping Beauty.” 

2. How did you prepare?

“I rehearse my dance several times a week.”

3. What made you audition with your act?

“[I auditioned] because I love to perform ballet.”

4. Tell us the moment you were selected for RAT?

“I looked at the FHC Theatre website and saw my name on it, which made me smile.”

5. How do you feel about cilantro?

“Like the food? Well, it’s not my vibe.”

6. Money, power, or good looks: which would you rather have an unlimited supply of and why?

“I think power in the sense of willpower. I think that would be helpful for me to get through things.”

7. Are you friends with the stage?

“Yes, I have been dancing for [more than] 12 years, and I have grown to love the feeling I get on stage.”

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