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RAT Q&A: Gavin O’Meara

Name: Gavin O’Meara

Grade: 10

1. What is your act? 

“I am singing and playing ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ with my older brother, [Aidan].”

2. How did you prepare?

“In December, about a week before the audition, I told Aidan that he had to give me a song, so we practiced a couple of times and called it good.”

3. What made you audition with your act?

“I really have been trying to get Aidan to do the talent show with me for a couple of years now, so when he finally said yes this year, I knew I had to do it with him.”

4. Tell us about the moment you were selected for RAT.

“There’s always that doubt in the back of your mind that you didn’t get in. So I was super excited when I got in.”

5. How do you feel about cilantro?

“I think that cilantro is a very important addition to some meals that really just helps decorate the dish very nicely.”

6. Money, power, or good looks: which would you rather have an unlimited supply of and why?

“I would have to go with good looks because if you’re good looking, you can get as much money and power as you really need.”

7. Are you friends with the stage?

“I do love the stage. It’s a very close friend of mine. I spend a lot of time on the stage and with the stage.”

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