Meredith VanSkiver

1. What was your reaction to finding out?

“I was definitely surprised. I had heard some of my friends say they were voting for me, but I also heard so many other girls being mentioned, so I didn’t actually think it would be me. I was the last person announced, and my whole sixth hour started cheering for me. It was a very cool feeling.”

2. What does it mean to you to be nominated?

“It means a lot to me to represent the senior class in any way. There are so many wonderful girls in our grade to choose from so to actually be nominated is very flattering. Some of my best friends were on Homecoming Court, and they looked like they were having the time of their lives, so it’s cool to kind of share in that with them too.”

3. What is your favorite Winterfest tradition and why?

“Definitely the dances that court gets to do. I remember being a freshman and watching the senior court members dance. There was one from Grease and one with chocolate syrup and a tarp. I thought it was so cool, and I couldn’t wait to be senior so I could watch people from my grade dance and have fun. I never thought that it would be me.”

4. If your dance was on Dancing with the Stars, how do you think you would fare?

“I’ve honestly never watched Dancing with the Stars, but I think Cole and I would win regardless. Our dance is going to be spectacular, and our talent is undeniable.”

5. What color do you identify with and why?

“My favorite colors are blue and purple, but I think my energy and personality are very orange.”

6. Can you make any campaign promises or tell why you would be the queenliest queen?

“I’d take out Susan Toppen. There can only be one queen.”

7. Is there anyone who wasn’t nominated that you want to recognize for their greatness?

“1000% Sarah Buchanan. Not only does she do so much for Student Council and basically run the theatre program as student director, but she’s also just the sweetest and most loving friend I have and one of the best people I know. She definitely deserves to be royal.”

8. Do you have any closing statements?

“Thanks for voting for me, FHC! It means so much to me to be representing our class, and I’m so excited.”

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