Ella Guikema

1. What was your reaction to finding out?

“I was very excited. I was very surprised but excited. I think it’s going to be fun!”

2. What does it mean to you to be nominated?

“It’s exciting, and I just, I don’t know. I really like the people in our grade. It’s cool that like people voted for me because I wouldn’t expect that. So, it’s like, ‘Oh wow, that’s really nice.'”

3. What is your favorite Winterfest tradition and why?

“I really like the lip syncs. In years past, it’s been really fun to watch them. So now, to make one… well, it’s scary. A little intimidating but pretty fun.”

4. If your dance was on Dancing with the Stars, how do you think you would fare?

“We haven’t made our dance yet… We’d do pretty decent, we hope, because Sarah Tigglemen is helping us, and she’s a great dancer.”

5. What color do you identify with and why?

“I love the color yellow. I think it’s just like a happy color. That’s my color.”

6. Can you make any campaign promises or tell why you would be the queenliest queen?

“I promise world peace.”

7. Is there anyone who wasn’t nominated that you want to recognize for their greatness?

Sarah Tiggleman. She’s the best. Oh, Courtney Collar and Sarah Tigglemen because they’re both really great. They’re great friends; I love them so much. They’re fantastic people. Very involved.”

8. Do you have any closing statements?

“I’m so excited to be on Court! Everyone, they’re great.”

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