The hidden arts at FHC series Q&A: Rylee Veneklase

What are you involved in? How did you get involved in it?

“I guess I just got into [art] when I was younger. Then in middle school, I got into their art program, and then the art teacher there got me invested [in art]. And he was like ‘you should do high school art,’ and I was like ‘okay.’ And then I tried high school art.”

What motivates you to pursue this passion?

“I want to become an animator when I get older or have [involvement in] graphic design in some big company, so I’m trying to get my skill level up to it.”

Do you feel that having classes for your passion benefits you and other students?

“Yes very much so. Having these classes helps me expand and explore more mediums.” 

Do you think that art classes are important to students?

“For sure, I feel like some students who are not into art but want to try out [or see] what it’s like, it’s a good idea. Some people who play all sports might want to be like ‘oh, art!’ and then they go into art, and they really like it and maybe they want to pursue something in art. So, it’s just a good eye-opener for many people.”

Has participating in these classes influenced you pursuing your passion?

“I’ve learned so many more techniques compared to last year and this year. Classes force me to get out of my comfort zone and help me explore more mediums.”

Do you think that if these programs were taken away from students it would harm the student body more than help it? 

“It would harm the student body a lot more because there’s a lot of people I know in the art programs and everything like photography and media and music and everything—there’s a lot of passion with it. So if it was ripped out of the day, there would just be a lot of emptiness.”  

How has taken these classes changed your approach to everyday life?

“I look at things differently in art, even if I don’t do photography. I look at it like I appreciate it a bit more because I’ve seen people pursue it more. So when I look at things, I’m like ‘oh, that’d be a really cool picture’ or I look at the scenery and I’m like ‘that’d be a really cool painting.’ I just look at things with more life [and] have a new perspective on different things.”

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