The hidden arts at FHC series Q&A: John Courcy

What are you involved in? 

“I’m in the band, specifically the wind ensemble, percussion ensemble, and I was in drumline during the fall. It’s all been a ton of fun and has helped me to make friends, form a community, and just overall be a better person.”

How did you get involved in it?

“I got involved largely due to my brother, who is three years ahead of me. He joined the percussion section, and the way he explained it always seemed exciting and new to me. So I decided to give it a try in sixth grade. I’ve been involved with music ever since.”

What motivates you to pursue this passion?

“I think mainly my friends are the ones that influence me to pursue music. The people I met through the band have grown to become some of my closest friends, and even though I love playing music, they make my love for the band all-the-more stronger.”

Do you feel that having classes for your passion benefits you and other students?

“Absolutely, I think that being able to learn what you love to do before becoming an adult is super important, and classes like band are great ways to try new things and find out what you’re passionate about. Even for people who already know what they love to do, having a class where you’re surrounded by other people who share your same love for something makes it much more enjoyable.”

Do you think that art classes are important to students?

“I think that those that get involved with them usually like them, or at least from my experience. For me, my ‘art’ classes, in this case, band classes, were usually the ones where I cared the most about what we were learning because it was something that I enjoyed learning about.”

Has participating in these classes influenced you pursuing the passion?

“These classes have not really influenced me in pursuing it outside of school, mostly because the instruments needed for percussion are so expensive. Many people, however, have grown to love the band program and have been in marching bands and drum corps all across the U.S.”

Do you think that if these programs were taken away from students it would harm the student body more than help it? 

“Yes, definitely. Giving kids a place to have new experiences and learn what they love from experience is super important, and the job of high school is to prepare kids for their adult lives. So I’d say that these classes are some of the most important ones that the school offers.”

How has taken these classes changed your approach to everyday life?

“Being immersed in music for two hours a day for the past four years has definitely made me respect music and musicians much more than I used to. I love making and listening to music, but band isn’t just about the music. The class has taught me how to be a leader, how to cooperate, and how to be the best version of myself that I can be.”

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