Aaron Jachim

Name: Aaron Jachim

Grade: 12

Character: Clopin

1. Do you have a ritual for before rehearsals or shows?

“For sure! Before shows, I usually like to calm myself and settle my brain the best I can. I usually try and get a meal in me before a show, but it can be hard with the nerves. Then, I will sit and stretch and listen to music to get myself ready before heading to the Fine Arts Center.”

2. If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

“I would hope it is for doing theatre. Earlier in the year, I had plans to pursue collegiate musical theatre, but life happens and things change, so now I am pursuing a different track, but there are still some big dreams in the back of my head to be on a Broadway stage.”

3. How long have you been singing?

“I started doing theatre in sixth grade, and that was my first time singing in front of people. I was always a pretty musical kid and liked to sing in the shower or when the house was empty. In terms of singing for performance, it’s been around six years.”

4. What made you try out for the musical?

“Like I said before, I have been doing theatre for six years now. Any chances to be apart of a production, I’ll take them.”

5. What has this year’s experience been like?

“It has definitely been interesting. The sheer size of the show has definitely proven to be a worthy challenge. But big shows mean a big set, and we have never gotten to work with a set like this one. The audience will be blown away.”

6. How much of your personality can you blame on your star sign?

“I am a Pisces, who is usually referred to as the dreamer, sensitive, free spirit. I can see a lot of myself in my star sign.”

7. Who would you like to thank?

“My mom and dad for supporting all the dreams I shoot for and the ones that I give up. My sister, Nama, grandparents, auntie Erin, and Ashden—I love you all. The FHC theatre staff who push us to be our best and make FHC shows so incredible.”

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