Sam Werkema

Name: Sam Werkema

Grade: 12th Grade

Character: Townsperson, part of Ensemble

1. Do you have a “ritual” for before rehearsals or shows?

“Not really. This is my first year doing [the musical], so I usually just stretch out before every rehearsal.”

2. If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

“I would want to be famous for something important. I’m hoping to go into biology so maybe making strides towards curing cancer or moving us away from antibiotics.”

3.How long have you been singing?

“I have never done anything official—just singing along to music in the car.”

4. What made you try out for the musical?

“I actually didn’t try out. They didn’t have enough guys for all of the parts, so Mrs. DeMeester recruited me after she saw my performance at RAT.”

5. What has this year’s experience been like?

“It’s been a ton of fun. It definitely makes me wish I wouldn’t have waited until my senior year to do it.”

6. How much of your personality can you blame on your star sign?

“If I had to give a percentage, I would say that I am 0% like my sign.”

7.Who would you like to thank? 

“DeMeester has definitely been a lot of help, and she puts a lot of effort in and it shows. The crew, of course; we couldn’t do the show without them. Definitely Ali Azeem and Cole Kaminski for getting me into the musical in the first place.”

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