Top 5 Dynamic Duos

Jimmy Scholler and Mitchell Wilkinson 

Seniors Jimmy and Mitchell have been on the boys varsity Basketball team for three years, playing together every step of the way. This year, they led the Rangers to a share in the conference championship and finished the season with a 15-6 record. Jimmy and Mitchell played very important roles on the team this year on both offense and defense, ensuring that the games ran smoothly and that they came out with the desired outcome by the end of the night. East Kentwood was one of the Rangers’ toughest opponents this season, but both Mitchell and Jimmy worked together to step up to their competitor, beating EK for the first time in 11 years. They had a great last season with the Rangerball program, with Jimmy having a season-high of 34 points and Mitchell with 28, helping to boost their team to victory on each game night. Both Jimmy and Mitchell received All-Conference honors in the OK White this year.

“We have always had great chemistry from when we were young,” Jimmy said. “That bond allowed us to lead our team very well, along with our basketball skills.”

Sarah and Rachel Schenck

The Lady Wrestling team has only been around for the past two years, and both senior Sarah and junior Rachel have been a part of the team since the beginning. From the start up until now, the Schenck sisters have played key roles on the team, helping the girls to win the majority of their meets. Rachel and Sarah worked extremely hard this season, pushing each other in practice and elevating their teammates with their hard work. This year, Sarah went 26-1 and Rachel went 26-2, being undefeated until the State Tournament. At states, both girls placed: Sarah in third place and Rachel in seventh. Their high places, along with some of the other girls on the team, helped the Rangers to win the State Championship and take home the trophy.

“We were almost always partners at practice and helped each other improve,” Sarah said. “We also sometimes split up to help teach some of the newer wrestlers this season.”

Alex Souza and Tommy Payne 

Senior Alex and junior Tommy were two of the top bowlers on this year’s FHC Bowling team. This duo piggybacked off of one another to put their team in position for a good overall score during each match. If one of them was having an off night, they would pick up each other’s slack to make sure their team would not fall behind. They had fun this season during their matches, but they still maintained focus and achieved a 4-6 season record. The boys then went on to lead their team in Regionals, falling just short of making it to states and having one of the best seasons within the past five years. It was a great season for both Tommy and Alex; Tommy had a season-high score of 265 and Alex had a high of 268, being important role players in their team’s success throughout the season.

“One memorable moment this season with Tommy was when he was ordering food at a bowling alley in Greenville,” Alex said. “He was standing in front of the lady for about five minutes before she took his order because she didn’t notice him.”

Theryn Hallock and Zoe Lipke 

This season, the girls varsity basketball team was led to a 15-6 record by the teamwork of junior Zoe and sophomore Theryn. These girls were extremely hard working this season, pushing each other in practice and striving to win each and every game. On both offense and defense, they dominated the court and led their team to success. Together, they both had one of their best games in the  Holiday Cornerstone Tournament against Grand Rapids Christian. In this game they combined for 50 points, Theryn scoring  27 and Zoe with 23, getting great ball movement and teamwork between each other and the team. Both of the girls earned All-Conference honors, the only two first-team honorees from FHC. They both did very well this season and look forward to doing just as well, if not better, next year.

“I wouldn’t say there is one moment that really sticks out, but Theryn has become not only one of the teammates that I am closest with but also someone that I’m really close to outside of basketball season,” Zoe said. “She is someone I respect so much, she really is going to do big things, and she pushes me to get better every day too.”

 Ryan Jeffreys and Cole Beaufait 

This senior duo was a key component to this year’s hockey team, helping the Rangers achieve a season record of 22-4. Since Cole and Ryan have played together so long, along with some of their other teammates, it brought a great sense of unity to the team, allowing them to persevere during the tough times this season. They worked together in every game, being a tough duo to stop on offense. The two both earned All-State Honorable Mention for forwards in Division 3. One of their best games together was against FHNE in which they won 3-1, with Cole scoring two of the goals and Ryan scoring the other. Another great moment for them during this season was against Orchard Lake St. Mary’s, with Ryan assisting Cole for the winning goal that night.

“Ryan and I have been playing together our whole lives, so we have good chemistry and know where each other are on the ice,” Cole said.

Top 5 Dynamic Duo


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