Ella Byam

Ella Byam

Name: Ella Byam

Grade: 12

Role: Co-producer of senior video

1. Was it challenging to finish the senior video earlier than you planned? If so, why? 

“Finishing the senior video was a bit difficult at first. Before the corona outbreak, we had many ideas on how we could finish the senior video. We realized we could not do a lot of the ideas we had in mind; therefore, we had to improvise because it was really important for us to finish the video.”

2. What was the hardest thing you had to overcome in order to finish the video? 

“The hardest thing we had to overcome while finishing the senior video was the technical aspects. There were many obstacles we had to overcome while transferring the video from the school to [our] homes.”

3. How do you think it turned out? 

“Personally, I believe the video turned out great. It is a great reminder to the senior class of what a great year we had. Yes, it was not what we planned, but we did the best we could.”

4. What kind of feedback did you receive from your class about the senior video?

“The feedback we received from our class was more than enough. Everyone loved it and appreciated it too. It made everything worth it.”

5. What are your feelings about your senior year being cut short? How have you dealt with them? 

“I was really upset with the senior [year and] video being cut short. We have been working on it every day for the past year. We realized we could finish it remotely, and all things considered, it worked out!”

6. What are your college plans next year?

“I am attending Michigan State University and studying creative advertising.”

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