Jordan Helmbrecht

Jordan Helmbrecht

Name: Jordan Helmbrecht

Future Plans: Attend University of Wisconsin Madison in the fall

What does missing soccer mean to you?

“Honestly, that is a tough question. This has been the season I have been looking forward to for years, the finale to a lifetime spent playing soccer. And, this season the team had a truly bright season ahead of them and I know we would’ve done great things, and missing all of that just leaves a mark. This season was supposed to be my closure with competitively playing soccer all of my life and I got that taken away, so it is very tough, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way we plan.”

What was your reaction when MHSAA canceled the season?

“I had definitely seen it coming when MHSAA decided to officially cancel the soccer season. With school closing and practically everything else, I knew the cancellation was coming so I wasn’t very surprised when they announced it for sure. However, seeing it in writing for the first time was disorienting because there was just a tiny sliver of hope left before then and then even that was gone.”

What are you going to miss most about FHC?

“Also a tough question, there’s a lot of things to miss about such a special place. But above everything else, I think I am going to miss the people this community is made of most. The teachers, coaches, other staff members, students; everyone at FHC just had a different aspect they brought to your life and I am really going to miss seeing them all every day.”

What has soccer meant to you throughout your career?

“Being on the field is just a feeling you can’t really describe, and soccer has taught me so many things about my life through just playing. Soccer means to me what certain words couldn’t, and it was something that was always there when I needed it. I loved the sport, and I always will.”

What has been your proudest athletic accomplishment at FHC?

“Definitely making it to the State Semifinals last season. The team had just been putting our all into every single game and it was paying off. We won Districts, and then won Regionals, and then went to the State Semi and it was just something to be proud of for sure.”

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