My neighbors said hello and I said hello back

During quarantine, I have gained so much respect for my neighbors and gotten to know them so much better, and I am so thankful for that opportunity. Watching the tiny little kids play around the neighborhood, riding bikes, enjoying silly games, and doing chalk with my sister not only brightens my day but also warms my heart. 

It is sometimes hard to stay apart, but we all do our best. As much as I would love to give all of the children in the neighborhood a hug every time they come and visit my family, I resist the urge and instead just have light-hearted and uplifting conversations with them. 

Something about listening to the little boys and girls answer my simple questions with the brightest of answers always makes me laugh.

our world may be cracking, but it’s the bonds that we make during this time are going to get us through.”

On warm sunny days, I will sit out on my driveway soaking up as much of the sun as I can. Every so often a family will walk by–they are either going to get ice cream, on a family walk, or riding bikes–no matter the circumstance, they always wave “Hi,” and I always wave back.

This action is so simple and yet means the world to me. It shows that although our world may be cracking, it’s the bonds that we make during this time are going to get us through.

To the parents that pass I may only be a 14-year-old girl down the street, and to the children only their babysitter, but no matter what they see when they look at me, they always stop tell me a little bit about their lives and ask me a little bit about mine. From six feet away I have formed more bonds with my neighbors than I ever would have if this was just a normal year. 

This time away from my friends, school, and regular everyday life has been incredibly hard. However, there are people in this world who have the capability of making it better by simply smiling at you. It is through those small acts of kindness and the generosity of our neighbors that I am able to keep my head up even when all I want to do is get back to regular life.

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