I am lucky to have my sister at home

As quarantine has left my family stuck at home for weeks, I have come to appreciate the time I get to spend with my sister much more. As Anna is a freshman in college and spent her senior year training out of state, it has been a long time since we have been able to enjoy each other’s company. 

Although I know she didn’t choose to leave Ann Arbor and would likely be happier at college with all of her friends, having her home gives me the company I always miss, as she is my only sibling. If I were stuck here with my parents alone, quarantine would certainly not be as bearable as it has been so far.  

With my sister home, I now have someone to laugh with, watch movies with, and waste time with. We get to spend the empty hours of the day messing around like we did when we were little kids just bored at home. 

Even though we have gotten in our fair share of fights and rarely make it through an entire day without bickering about something so small, the good times we have had certainly outweigh the bad. She can make me laugh in any situation and can make the long days go by so much faster. 

Although I am not sure how much longer she will be at home with the rest of our family, I do know that having her here makes my life a lot less boring. Our house is full of all four of my family members for the first time in a very long time, so although I am ready for quarantine to end, I definitely will miss having everybody around. 

Even though I would love for quarantine to come to an end, I will certainly miss having Anna at home during all of this. 

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