Lindsey Cool

Sport: Crew

Accomplishments: I was chosen as crew team captain for senior year, we won a state championship race freshman year, and I won the women’s coxswain event at the Ergatta junior year.

Future plans: I will be attending Hillsdale College in the fall with plans to study chemistry.


What does missing out on your Senior crew season mean to you?


“Missing out on our senior crew season means we never get to have that final season on the water together. We spent the whole winter season indoors just to have nowhere to show our hard work was worth it. Hopefully, we can gain some closure with summer rowing opportunities, but nothing can replace the spring season.”


What was your reaction when MHSAA announced the Spring sports season was canceled?


“When MHSAA announced that our season would be canceled, I was devastated. I didn’t know how quickly our whole senior season could be ripped away from us. As one of the team captains, I wanted to stay strong and remain calm for the girls, but inside, I was a mess. I’ve never felt as hurt by anything as I did learning of the loss of this season. There were many tears, but I’ve grown to look forward to any future opportunities instead of dwell on the lost ones.”


What has crew meant to you throughout your life/high school career?


“Rowing was my lifeblood. I have never grown to love anything as much as I love this sport. The person I was walking into the boathouse for the first time is a vastly different person from who I am today. This is largely because of the switch I was asked to make from rower to coxswain novice year with something like four days to prepare for our States regatta. I was terrified, but I was also determined not to let my team down. Sure enough, we won a state championship that Saturday, and I fell in love with coxing. 

Coxing forced me to become confident in myself and my abilities. As a coxswain, you are responsible for not only the success but more importantly the safety of your boat at all times. Because of this, I learned to stand up for myself, to be prepared for any situation, and, perhaps the most valuable lesson, how to grow from my mistakes. If it weren’t for coxing and my time on the rowing team in general, I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities to test myself as a leader and to strive for improvement every day.

Rowing has given me a feeling of freedom unmatched by anything I’ve experienced before. It has shown me perseverance, dedication, and the truth behind the saying ‘mind over matter.’ For that and much more, I am eternally thankful for the time I did have with the crew team.”

What is your proudest accomplishment as a Ranger?

“I am very proud of my academic record and various honors throughout high school, but I am perhaps the proudest to be one of the captains for the crew team. Rowing will always be one of the top highlights of my high school experience.”


What are you going to miss most about rowing for FHC?


“I am going to miss my teammates the most. They make every 5 AM wakeup worth it, every long bus ride fun, and every regatta memorable. I will miss the dedication of our wonderful coaches who are constantly working on helping us succeed. I will miss the feeling of being out on the water, especially when you have an early practice/race and you’re the first out there; nothing compares to rowing over water as smooth as glass with the sun rising behind you. I will even miss the thunderstorms, including the ones that seem more like hurricanes and leave you hastily strapping down boats before running for shelter. The chaos of any regatta day is a feeling I’ve grown to love and look forward to.”


What would you say to underclassmen who still have time left rowing for FHC?


“You’ve heard this a million times by now, but cherish every moment on and off the water. Strengthen your relationships with your teammates while you still have time to be together. Say thank you to the coaches and remember that they truly want the best for you, so make every workout worth it. Every day you are at practice, you can grow stronger or learn something new if you’re willing to work for it or pay a little more attention. Most importantly, remember that we’ve all been in your shoes, and we understand the struggles of taking on this sport; never be afraid to lean on your teammates for support.”



Is there anything you want to say to the FHC community?


“Thank you. My biggest thank you goes out to every crew parent who has put in countless hours for the team. From the food tent parents to any of the volunteers, you are the reason we can make regattas happen. You put up with the late practices, the erg horror stories, and of course the unpredictable and often unpleasant regatta weather. If it weren’t for your dedication, we wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are now (or at least where we were before the season was canceled). Thank you!”

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