I’m grateful for my thoughtful friends and their tasty treats

“Check your mailbox.”. 

“I left something on your porch.” 

“Come outside.” 

Texts like these have been sent to me biweekly throughout quarantine. Whether I’m reading a book, watching Netflix, dancing in my basement, or doing homework, I can’t help but throw whatever I’m doing to the side and rush to my front door when these texts ring in. Ranging from hour-long talks on my driveway to a quick wave as their car drives away, any interaction I’m allotted with these friends is one I’m extremely grateful for. 

When my friends eventually leave to deliver their treats to others, I’m left with their delectable desserts accompanied with a note. Each note covers loving and missing me, hoping I’m hanging in there, wishing me luck in school, and telling me that I can get through quarantine. 

And that’s what’s so beautiful about my friends and their generous actions. I know that they’re going and struggling through the same things I am; yet, they were selfless enough to bake something, compose a note, and hand-deliver it to me. They were able to take time out of their days to make sure I knew I was loved, cared about, and missed. 

And I think the world needs more of that. I think we underestimate the power behind letting the ones we love know that we love them. Yes, these friends and I have been friends throughout our entire high school careers, but that only made their kind words that much more special and meaningful to me. 

Plus, it was even more enjoyable to repay the favor and hand-deliver my mom’s delicious brownies to each of my friends a few weeks ago. 

In quarantine, it’s so easy to feel isolated and alone, and my friends have only made me feel the complete opposite. So, I’m very grateful for the system my thoughtful friends and their tasty treats created. 

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