My journal of hope

Last Christmas, I asked for a bullet journal. 

I merely desired a place to write down my thoughts, design my future, and reminisce on the past. I wanted a place to escape from the real world, so for two weeks, that is all that I would do. 

I only filled out a couple of pages before I tucked it away on a shelf in the corner of my room, though. I had completely forgotten about it until one month ago. One month ago I found something that could fill all of the excess time I had, and that is exactly what it did. 

I was unsure if filling my journal would be worth the results, but I soon learned how much it could aid me. 

My bullet journal has been my constant in a time that lacks constants. 

My bullet journal allowed me to think about all the things I want to do when I finally have the time. 

My bullet journal has been the epitome of the escape that I needed. 

My bullet journal has provided me with hope. 

There are days that it feels like we will be stuck inside forever, but each page I complete in my journal is another idea of a way to pass the time. 

There are three pages full of all the things I hope to do this summer: beach days, road trips, and helping with musicals. 

There are two pages full of recipes I have perfected while trapped at home: smoothies, cookies, and countless dinner plans. 

There are four pages full of all of my college research: prices, location, and even the friends I have attending those schools. 

These nine pages are the closest thing to normal that I have right now, and it brings me joy. 

My life does not seem completely off track, and my bullet journal is helping it stay that way. 

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