Class president Q&As: Zoe Lipke

Zoe Lipke

Grade: 11

1. As a representative for your class, how are you voicing their opinions and what are those opinions exactly?

“It is really nice because at every one of our meetings we are all able to share our own opinions and ideas, and collaborate with each other to ensure the best for the school! Being a senior, it is really sad that we can’t have our full homecoming for the last time, but I know that we have to be extra careful to keep everyone safe. I just hope that we are able to make the week of homecoming as best as it can possibly be given the circumstances!”

2. How often is the student council meeting and what happens at these meetings?

“We typically have meetings once a week over zoom. Sometimes, especially as we get towards the big events, we will have them more often. We just discuss what is happening, what tasks will be our responsibility, etc. Stiles is great at hearing our opinions and morphing them into something that works for all of us and is logical in the long run as well.”

3. What are the concerns with trying to have a regular year full of traditions?

“Obviously, the biggest concern is working with the guidelines as to how many people we can have in a space. We are working as a student council to try and brainstorm as many fun things we can possibly do with these given restrictions.”

4. What’s the current plan and how is that subject to change? How frequently have past plans changed? Are there any old traditions/spirit activities that are still going as planned?

“At this point, everything is subject to change. We are still going to hold the tradition of a homecoming court, king and queen, and spirit days; however, everything else is still up in the air. It is really hard because we never know what changes may be made week to week depending on the governor’s orders.”

5. How have your roles changed over the break and how is the student council more/less important this year?

“Nothing has really changed over the break. If anything, the student council has become more important to us, because with all the things that have been canceled we are working to create more joy during this school year. Honestly, we are just trying to ensure that everyone has a fantastic school year given the circumstances.”

6. Are there any new traditions coming along to supplement what we are missing out on?
“We are working on getting things approved right now.”

7. How would you suggest members of Ranger Country stay spirited during these tough times?

“Just stay positive. Yes, times are different, but at least we can all be back at school together. We are still a part of Ranger Country, and that spirit is something COVID can’t take away!”

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