Class president Q&As: Benjamin Zorn

Benjamin Zorn

Grade: 11

1. As a representative for your class, how are you voicing their opinions and what are those opinions exactly?

“As a representative of the class of 2022, I’m trying to keep safety first while also trying to keep the fun [traditions] alive and well. For example, [we’re modifying] the homecoming lip-syncs into a Tik Tok/lip-dub and doing a tug-of-war but at a safer distance with more protocols. The class of 2022 wants to keep these traditions alive and well, but also understand [the] situation around us and that things need to be changed to keep things safe.”

2. How often is the student council meeting and what happens at these meetings?

“What happens at a student council meeting? That’s a great question. We usually work our way through an agenda and we try to tackle the big topics first and then work our way to the little topics and into the more finite details. Mostly it’s an open floor but directed and led by Stiles.”

3.What are the concerns with trying to have a regular year full of traditions?

“The issues were that we had to shut down some of the fun activities that we usually do for homecoming, such as the parade and the dance itself, but we had planned for this. I feel we have adapted really well to the situation and made a good game plan to continue to keep the traditions alive and well while keeping safety as a top priority.

4. What’s the current plan and how is that subject to change? How frequently have past plans changed? Are there any old traditions/spirit activities that are still going as planned?

“The current plan [is] to have spirit days the entire week of homecoming, an assembly the Friday before homecoming, an assembly the week of homecoming, and [a] tug of war and modified lip-dub/Tik Tok video for each class. From my experience, student council rarely changes the homecoming plans in years past to continue the traditions. As previously stated, we are trying to keep and continue as many of the traditions as we are able to within the restrictions.”

5. How have your roles changed over the break and how is the student council more/less important this year?

“Personally, I think student council is more important than ever in these times and that leading by example through the hallways–properly wearing your masks and respecting distances–is what the student council has shown and will continue to as leaders in the hallways and in our school. The student council has always prided itself on leading by example and doing the right thing.”

6. Are there any new traditions coming along to supplement what we are missing out on?

“I wouldn’t say [there are] any new traditions. I would [there is] say a new spin on some current traditions to adapt to the situations, and also there are some fun surprises that will be sprinkled in this homecoming.”

7. How would you suggest members of Ranger Country stay spirited during these tough times?

“What I would say to a [member] of Ranger Country is to continue to look forward and realize you have to make the best of the situation. If things don’t go your way, there’s always tomorrow, and people are trying to do their best but are working with what they got.”

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