Homecoming Court Q&As: Zoe Lipke

1. What was your reaction when you heard your name called?

 “I was just really excited to know that my classmates thought to elect me. It means a lot, and I am just really excited to be part of it with everyone else!”

2. Why do you think you were nominated? 

“I don’t know, honestly. I take part in a lot of things at the school, and I am very involved, so that could be it possibly. It just makes me feel good to know that enough people in our grade see me as someone to vote for on the court.”

3. Who wasn’t nominated for the court that you would choose?

“There are so many people that deserve to be on the court [that] it is hard to narrow it down to just ten people. There are just so many good girls and guys who do a lot around the school, but there will be more opportunities for everyone for the next two dances.”

4. Are you disheartened by the circumstances in which not all of the traditions are the same? 

“Yeah, it is sad that we aren’t getting the senior year we have been looking forward to for so long. Everything about homecoming is different, so not being able to have the parade, the student section at the game, or the lip syncs and dance is really sad. However, I think that [Homecoming coordinators and advisors Laura] Stiles, [Stacy] Steensma, and [Brad] Anderson [have] done a great job in making sure that we get as much out of this week as possible regarding the circumstances.”

5. What is the one tradition that you will miss the most? 

“I will definitely miss the huge Friday assembly we have the day before the dance the most. It was always so much fun with the lip syncs, banners, etc. However, I think that not being able to have the parade and the game as normal is also really sad because those are things that really bring our FHC community together.”

6. Which spirit day is your favorite? 

“My favorite spirit day is Wednesday’s [theme of] dressing like the music genre your class has, so [as] a senior, I get to dress in a disco outfit. I bought a gogo dress and some gogo boots to wear, and I am just so excited to come to school in a full disco outfit.”

7. What has been the craziest outfit you have ever worn for a spirit day in all four years?

“On my freshman year pajama day, I wore a nightgown covered in sheep with really old grandma slippers and curlers in my hair. I would like to thank my senior sister for that outfit—and for the amazing curlers.”

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