Mina Siebert: NHS

Mina Siebert: NHS

Name: Mina Siebert

Grade: 12

Role: NHS Board member

1. What is Family Promise week?

“Family Promise week is a week where opportunities are available for students to raise money, volunteer, and donate to low-income Grand Rapids families.”

2. How can students help Family Promise?

“Students can help Family Promise by signing up for volunteer opportunities through National Honors Society or independently, like collecting cans from neighbors, or by donating money to their PayPal @familypromisegr.”

3. Who organized the week?

“I know Mrs. Richardson and the National Honors Society are very heavily involved.”

4. Do you have any personal experiences volunteering with Family Promise? If so, what has been the most impactful?

“Last year, at the Family Promise Christmas store, it was really fun to volunteer to watch parents’ children while they shopped for gifts. Meeting and talking to the people I was able to help really made such an inspiring difference.”

5. Why should students get involved or donate?

“Students should get involved and donate because there are so many amazing families that need help during the holiday season and really benefit from our help.

6. What does community mean to you?

“Community is a group of people who can come together regardless of the situation and lend a helping hand.”

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