As Student Council representatives visit each classroom throughout these next two weeks collecting donations for the annual Family Promise fundraising week, freshman Hayden Bolter and his business partners do not need to scrounge their couch cushions or backpacks for spare change—their company, Masks-On-Da-Go, directly donates to Family Promise. 

As manager of their Intro to Business company, Hayden, along with his other group members—sophomore Noah Snyder, marketing; junior Noah Verlin, sales; junior Cole Hysong, supply chain; freshman Andrew Shier, finance—has, throughout the project, kept one key aspect in mind: relevance. 

With the surge, and continual prevalence, of COVID-19 along with the perfect timing of the annual Family Promise week, Hayden and the other group members of Masks-On-Da-Go decided there was no better way to donate to a good cause—and keep our school safe—than to provide affordable, customizable, reusable face masks. 

“Masks are a result of this pandemic, and so is [increased] homelessness, which is what Family Promise [strives] to [eliminate]” Hayden said. “It’s also something local, something that affects us, and not some big thing that gets millions of dollars in donations.”

Researching many different mask suppliers and competitive prices in the mask market, the group ultimately decided on 6 dollars per mask, which includes 25% of proceeds going to Family Promise. 

Masks-On-Da-Go as a company promises this: these are no ordinary masks, and with such a low price, purchasing their product is one way to fundraise Family Promise’s valiant efforts. 

“I know, personally, I’m stuck with paper masks right now, and they’re kind of boring, and I have to keep buying them,” said Noah, who is in charge of marketing their unique product. “We all wanted something that we could reuse, [be] convenient for people to buy here at school, and go along with [the] culture [of FHC].”

With the 6-dollar masks being decorated with “FHC” letters, Masks-On-Da-Go was initially inspired by the surge of teachers and other students showing their school pride through masks. Andrew, who is in charge of finances, explained really wanting to showcase his school spirit along with the teachers in the building, but, as a company, they ultimately envisioned more customizable options in order to reach a wider audience. 

“We didn’t just want to give out just the ‘FHC’ [letters],” Noah said “Maybe people didn’t like that, [and] maybe people wanted something else, so we gave a customizable option so people could choose what kind of logo or little design [they wanted]. We didn’t want just one type of mask, and we didn’t want it to be basic. We thought more people would be interested in a customizable option.”

A considerable amount of time was spent ensuring that their company was fiscally valuable—maximizing profit in order to donate as much as they could to Family Promise—while also providing more affordable options in comparison to other masks in the market. 

At just 10 dollars for the customizable masks, why not spare a few cups of coffee and support a business, and, on a larger scale, Family Promise. 

Convenient, stylish, reusable, and for a local, relevant cause, keep FHC safe with one of Masks-On-Da-Go’s affordable masks—decorated with ‘FHC’ or any design of your choosing. 

“We [are convenient]; we deliver right to you if you need it,” Noah said. “[Our masks] also kind of integrate [their] own style with it; you can customize it your own way or show a little bit of school spirit. We have style and showing what you’re all about.”

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