Desiree Touhy

Name: Desiree Touhy

Grade: 11

Roles: Snow White and Rapunzel

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a smaller cast compared to other years?

Well some advantages, I’ll start off with, [include that] you can definitely bond with your cast more. It’s less cliquey because everyone can just associate with each other. But I do think a larger cast is good to get more people involved. So, yeah, there [are] pros and cons to it.”

2. What makes you fit your roles so well?

What makes me fit my roles so well is the fact that I have a higher-pitched voice. I play both Snow White and Rapunzel, and they’re both younger women.” 

3. What have been some difficulties in your roles at rehearsals?

“Some difficulties I’ve been having with my roles [include that] sometimes cues are a little hard because of my lines. The lines coming after are consecutive, and you have to be really fast about it, so cues sometimes are a little tough.”

4. What is your favorite part of being involved in the play/theatre program?

My favorite thing about being in the theatre program is definitely the community. Everyone is so nice, and I really like performing.”

5. What is your personal favorite Brother’s Grimm story?

Personally, my favorite Brothers Grimm story is probably Cinderella. It’s pretty basic, but I really like that story.”

6. In what ways has the experience influenced your high school career?

This has influenced my high school career by just improving my public speaking skills and building up my confidence. When I go up and talk to people or when I do presentations, I just have the confidence to go up there.”

7. What has been the most surprising thing to you about this year’s show?

I guess the biggest surprise for me is that we’re able to do the show because of COVID-19. I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to do the show this year because of COVID-19 and how last year [the] musical wasn’t able to be performed. ”

8. What should the audience be excited about?

The audience should be excited because it is a very spontaneous show, and the audience won’t know what to expect.” 

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