Mason Yarnell

Name: Mason Yarnell

Grade: 12

Roles: Dirt Merchant and Devil 2

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a smaller cast compared to other years?

“An advantage to having a smaller cast is [that] we’re a lot closer than we were in past years. And since we see each other all the time, it’s really good at bonding us. In past years, it’s really been a lot of big casts, so there’s been some, like, groups, but for this one, it’s just one big group, which is really nice.”

2. What makes you fit your roles so well?

“Devil’s Grandmother—I’m the devil in it. I think it’s kind of funny because of how I got picked for the role; when we were going through all the lines, I read it in a really low voice, and I think it really shocked everyone, so I think that was pretty funny. [And ] in this show, we did make the dirt merchant very pretentious, which I think very much fits me sometimes depending on who I’m with.”

3. What have been some difficulties in your roles at rehearsals?

“Definitely timing for everything. Since the show is such a comedy, you have to have really high energy. And so for me, I’ve kind of struggled from changing the high energy to like being in your voice more than just going really fast with your lines.”

4. What is your favorite part of being involved in the play/theatre program?

“The feeling of family that everyone gives you because we’re all so close and [because] we’re all going through everything together, especially with the current situation of the world, [is one of my favorite parts]. It’s really good because we are all like in one group, so we’re all going through it together.”

5. What is your personal favorite Brother’s Grimm story?

“My favorite in the show is Cinderella because that one’s just really funny.”

6. In what ways has the experience influenced your high school career?

“[Theatre as a whole] has really helped me [to] become more outgoing than I have [been] in the past, which is really different than what I used to be in middle school. It’s definitely helped me come out of my shell more and be more confident in what I do in life.”

7. What has been the most surprising thing to you about this year’s show?

“For the most part, [it’s] just that we’re able to do it because last year, for our musical, [it] got canceled so close to the show date that I didn’t even know if we were going to be able to do the full thing, and I’m really glad that it looks like we’re going to be able to do it.”

8. What should the audience be excited about?

“[They] definitely should be excited about Linus Kaechele and his characters because they are all unique and funny, and he puts a different spin on all of them.”

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