Matthew Mahoney: NHS

Name: Matthew Mahoney

Grade: 12

Role: NHS Board member

1. What is Family Promise week to you?

“Family Promise week is where we provide volunteer opportunities and work to raise money for the organization as a school and as a community.”

2. How are you involved in this week?

“My role in this week mainly involves spreading the word through NHS about the different volunteer opportunities and ways to donate.”

3. How can students get involved?

“Students can get involved in really any way they want. The main focus this week is reaching our goal of $10,000/$12,000 with the remaining going to the Veteran’s home raised, and due to the pandemic, we can’t do the same activities to raise money that we usually would. Students can organize can drives on their own, spread the word about donations, or raise money in any manner they’d like. Additionally, we’ll provide specific volunteer opportunities through NHS.”

4. What does Family Promise do for the community?

“Family Promise does so many things for the community. While their general goal is to end homelessness, they do many specific things like providing housing and aftercare services, accepting and distributing donations of any sort, refurbishing homes, etc. for low-income families in need. Then, of course, they do the Christmas store that we are at every year, which is a great way of providing gifts for these families to buy at very low costs to help around Christmas time.”

5. What does community mean to you?

“To me, community is a group of people looking to serve the common good of each other as a whole. Regardless of our differences, we’re all a part of the same community, and we’re here to help each other out.”

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