Current student required reading Q&A: Adam Gray, Honors English 9

Name: Adam Gray

Grade: 9

Current English Class: Honors English 9

1. How do you feel about being required to read books for school?

“I feel like having to read books for school is a good thing. Having to read daily will help me get in the habit of reading more and more for future high school years and college years.”

2. Did your stance on reading influence what English class you chose to take this year?

“Yes. Part of why I chose to take Honors English [9] was because I knew it would improve my reading stamina for future years. I also enjoy reading in my free time, so I figured I would enjoy it during school.”

3. Do you think that having required reading adds to the difficulty of the course, and is it worth it?

“I think that required reading does not add a lot of difficulty to the course; usually the required amount is only 20 minutes a day. Required reading is worth it for the increased stamina and good habits for future years.”

4. Do you feel that required reading is an archaic practice or do you still learn from reading literature?

“It depends on what kind of books you are reading, I would say you could learn more from some books rather than others. You would probably learn more from a book that has a higher vocabulary.”

5. How do you feel about the required reading for the class you’re taking?

“Overall, I think that required reading will help kids develop a good skill to have for the coming years in high school and college.”

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