Current student required reading Q&A: Sophie Kovachevich, Honors English 10

Name: Sophie Kovachevich

Grade: 10

Current English Class: Honors English 10

1. How do you feel about being required to read books for school?

“I think it depends on what book it is and how well the teacher explains it. I have less fun reading the book when I’m confused or simply just not enjoying the book.”

2. Did your stance on reading influence what English class you chose to take this year?

“For sure. I definitely do enjoy reading books for fun when I am able to find the time, and I also like to challenge myself and want to learn more about literature.”

3. Do you think that having required reading adds to the difficulty of the course, and is it worth it?

“Again, it depends on the book. Typically older books are more difficult for me to understand because of how everyone wrote [and] talked then, but if it’s a newer book, it’s much easier.”

4. Do you feel that required reading is an archaic practice, or do you still learn from reading literature?

“I think reading is an archaic practice but in a good way. I personally work better reading work that isn’t online. My brain just absorbs the material better rather than scanning over the text.”

5. How do you feel about the required reading for the class you’re taking?

“As long as I enjoy the book, I don’t mind it too much. Again, if I’m confused, the book is much less enjoyable and seems more like a burden or chore rather than a homework assignment that is enjoyable.”

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