Former Student Required Reading Q&A: Alex Schenck

Name: Alex Schenck

Grade: 11

Former English Class: Honors English 10

1. How do you feel about being required to read books for school?

“I think reading is important; it’s definitely an important skill to have. Therefore, I think there should be required reading.”

2. What book from Honors English 10 taught you the most?

“I think the Grapes of Wrath taught me the most, not about English [but] more so learning about our U.S. history.”

3. How do you feel about the amount of reading in Honors English 10?

“I do not feel like it was that much, and for a lot of it, we weren’t forced to take notes, so it was pretty quick reading.”

4. What reading-related advice would you give to someone currently enrolled in Honors English 10?

“Definitely do the reading. If you don’t do it. you definitely won’t pass the tests and quizzes [Honors English 10 teacher Ken] George passes out, and you won’t be able to participate in discussions. You should probably take a few notes; it’s not that bad once you just get started reading. The books aren’t the best, but they are not something that will bore you to death.”

5. How did your experience in Honors English 10 impact the class you decided to take this year?

“It helped me realize that I should take AP Lang just because it was a class that was more focused on reading and writing essays than anything else.”

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