Former Student Required Reading Q&A: Sarah Chesner

Name: Sarah Chesner

Grade: 12

Former English Class: Middle Eastern Lit

1. How do you feel about being required to read books for school?

“I think it’s a good requirement because I wouldn’t read without the requirement, and I think it’s good.”

2. What book from Middle Eastern Lit taught you the most?

When Things Fall Apart”

3. How do you feel about the amount of reading in Middle Eastern Lit?

“It was a pretty good amount. It wasn’t too much or too little.”

4. What reading-related advice would you give to a student currently enrolled in Middle Eastern Lit?

“Make sure that you are staying on top of your reading and keeping up with the pace of the teacher’s preferences.”

5. How did your experience in Middle Eastern Lit impact the class you chose to take this year?

“I wouldn’t say it really impacted it, but, because I’m not a huge fan of reading and there was a lot of reading in the class, I chose a class that wasn’t as much reading and writing.”

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