TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Avery Jordan

Grace Pennington – for being my constant

You are a constant ray of sunshine, Gracey P. Whenever I’m put in a poor mood, I resort to you to drag me out of it. Your smile lights up a whole room with your consistent energy and lovingness. When we hang out, we barely ever actually do anything active simply because we’re just happy with each other’s presence—we could be laying in bed all day and still have a blast together. 

Kelsey Dantuma – for being a replica of myself

Kelsey, we just recently became friends not too long ago, but it seems we’ve been friends for forever. From what I’ve realized, we’re literally the same person. Somehow, we can relate to each other on every level, and we have the same humor, which is what makes us so unknowingly compatible. Thank you for your humor in the TCT group texts but yet your traits of responsibility in the TCT room. I appreciate you, Kels.

Abby Drueke & Alexa Parent  – for making me realize how crucial our friendship is

Where do I even start with you two? Well, for one, you guys are the funniest people I know. Somehow, you guys manage to make the lamest thing absolutely hilarious. Half the time I’m with you, my stomach aches from laughing so aggressively for so long. No one understands our humor but us, and that’s what makes our friendship so strong; we always resort back to each other no matter what obstacle gets in our way. I love you guys, thank you for being my go-to’s.

Linus Kaechele – for welcoming me

You’ve made me feel welcome from the beginning, Linus. At the beginning of the year, I wasn’t close with anyone in the TCT room, and I feel like you noticed that and unhesitantly reeled me into the friend group. You never make me feel alone. On top of that, you’re the funniest person ever. Your humor is so elite, and that’s what makes you such an entertaining person to be around. You have a heart of gold, and I appreciate you for making me feel at home. 

Abby Wright & Lynlee Derrick – for killin’ the game

My editors, I appreciate your hard work more than anything. Being an editor is such a huge dedication, but you two fit the job perfectly. Thank you for dealing with my mistakes, begs for story extensions, and so much more. You guys go through so much, grading fifteen plus stories a day, but you two have never complained. You both keep such a positive outlook on our staff and the site, and that’s appreciated more than you know. Thank you for keeping your calm when I put a story in pending with a stupid grammar issue or spelling error. You both were made to be editors. I can’t wait to see how successful you both will be in life so that I have the privilege—and flex—of saying ‘I know Abby Wright and Lynlee Derrick.’

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