TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Jadelin Hinkel

Ben Ruffer – for being the best best friend 

Without you, I wouldn’t have lasted in Chinese class. Thank you for being one of the few people I can turn to with any of my problems, both emotional and homework-related. As for Chinese class, I would’ve failed that class without you and all the help you provided me with. I’m so happy we were stuck in Chinese One and Two together these past few years; it was one of my favorite classes thanks to you. Being able to do stupid stuff with you like the grape eating contest, the cheez-it eating contest, switching phones for the day, jumping off my deck, or all the stupid stunts we pulled in Chinese class was a blessing. Chinese class will always be the place that holds some of my favorite memories through high school thanks to you. Thank you so much for being willing to sit next to me the first week of freshman year, forgiving me for the stupid stuff that happened in the past, and forming a lifelong friendship. 

Ellie McDowell – for being the one I go to 

You’re one of my best friends; I can always go to you with any problem I have, and you’ll help me through it no matter what. I can’t believe we became best friends within just one marching season. I’m so happy you got put in my squad and that I got the opportunity to get to know you. I’m so grateful that you dealt with me last year; it’s something I’ll never forget, specifically the band vlogs. Thank you for always listening and letting me randomly drop by your house just to talk in your driveway for hours with your sister filing in and out. Thank you for letting me be the person who sends your family chocolate milk when they don’t want to drive and just always being able to make plans whenever I need to talk to someone. Thank you so much for helping me through everything, and I will always be here for you no matter what the situation is. 

Liza McCarthy – for letting me talk your ear off

Thank you for just listening to me. Without a doubt, you’re one of the very few people from elementary school who I’ve stayed friends with; it has been so incredible going through school with you. Even if we weren’t together every year, we still seem to have this bond that always brings us together. Ever since seventh grade when we participated in band together, we’ve been closer than ever. Especially these last few years. I’m so happy I got to have you in my squad for marching band and share in all the memories we made together during practice, even though most of them were very dumb, the games we participated in, and class. As for this year, thank you for being the person I can turn to for fantastic editing and being able to talk to before class starts. Even though we’re not together right now, we still are finding ways to stay in contact and keep up with each other. I’m so thankful for that.

Jena Detweiler – for dealing with me 

It’s been three years of me living in your shadow for band, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be first chair clarinet while I’m stuck with second. Thank you for being one of my favorite people to talk to in band, even if it’s just me talking and you wishing I’d stop and listen. I remember you, me, and Jacob in eighth grade all challenging just to get first chair, and I remember freshman year sitting next to you in symphony band thinking “Geez I’m never going to beat her, but I don’t mind it.” Or the little outbursts which made me laugh so much that our entire section laughed, lost track of where we were, which made us all miss our entrance, and the laughter spread to the front row through the entire band before Ms. Z stopped conducting and asked what was going on. As for last year and part of this year, I hope you enjoyed your year and a half off without me, but I’m ready to come back and make more memories with you while I just do stupid stuff and you watch me, silently disapproving of my bad choices. Thank you for being someone I’ve been able to collaborate with musically for the past few years.

Morgan Young – for being the best roommate ever

I’m so disappointed that we didn’t get to go to real band camp this year and have four consecutive years being roommates, but no matter what, I still loved every moment of spending time with you during that week of pain, making memories that’ll last a lifetime. I couldn’t imagine my entire band career without you,; we do everything together from spending time in the stands at the football games, doing stupid stuff during band practice, playing next to you in class, talking for hours at camp in our dorm knowing we should be sleeping, the mini dance breaks, and to when we break out laughing and make the entire section laugh so hard no one can even play. I couldn’t imagine myself doing any of those things with anyone else, so thank you for making everything so much more fun.

Danny Burns – for always being there to make me smile 

I have known you for over six years and counting. I still remember being in fifth grade with you when we barely even talked, and somehow, we’ve grown extremely close. You’re one of the very few people who could make me smile even on the worst day. I miss you so much and still struggle to comprehend the fact that you’re moving on with your life and creating a magnificent future for yourself. I’m so proud of you that I can’t even put it into words; I always knew you’d make it. Without you, I have no idea if I would still be in band; you made it enjoyable for me throughout the years. From playing rock paper scissors across the platform while Englsman gets frustrated that we weren’t listening to getting in trouble freshman year for talking across the podium, you made it fun. Without you, I wouldn’t have enjoyed band nearly as much, and I appreciate you wanting me to try my best, being willing to wear tutus with me, pushing me to practice more, trying new things, and being as competitive as you are for chairs. Although I wouldn’t have lost half my pencils or my hearing without you, thanks. I’m so excited to make more memories with you when you come back from your break.

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