TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Paulina Diesen

Sophie Kovachevich: for always being up for a fun time

I can hardly think of a fun memory that doesn’t involve you. You will always be like a sister to me. You’re always there to make me smile and get me to laugh when most people can’t. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to share all of your life’s moments with you. Thank you for always being yourself and encouraging me to be whoever I want. I’m glad my past year has been full of bickering and constant gossiping with you. I’m so thankful that our friendship has not only continued but has grown since elementary school. I’m so excited to keep making crazy memories together. 

Allie Beaumont: for always smiling

You continue to amaze me with your amazing personality and amazing smile. You always have something positive to say and yet still manage to keep me in my place. I’m so glad that I’ve grown close to you and that we’ve been able to create such a tight bond. You always manage to keep me smiling and are such a constant and strong support to me and everyone around you. You made me excited to arrive at every tiring practice and game. I’m so excited to complete the competitive cheer season with you. 

Mia Martin: for your laugh 

Thank you for your contagious laughter and your hilarious remarks. I had always thought of you as quiet and shy, but I have come to realize that you are so much more than that. You are so smart and witty and are always ready to laugh. I’m always so happy around you, and I come home feeling like I did one hundred sit-ups from laughing too much and too hard. Continue being yourself and never change your amazing laugh. You are and always will be absolutely stunning.

Grace Crook: for your cynical sarcasm

Thank you, Grace, for being so fun and weird. You never cease to amaze me with your talent, and I’m so grateful to be able to call you my friend. You are one of the smartest, most gorgeous, and most amazing people. You always make me appreciate myself and are always so quick to compliment me. We’ve made so many amazing memories over the years, and I’m excited to continue to do stupid things that are only funny to us. You always forget just how amazing you are, and I’m glad I get to help remind you that you are a wonderful human being. 

Veronica Vincent: for always being there for me

I always know that I can look to you for advice or just as someone to listen to everything I have to say. I’m so thankful for your constant support and the secrets we hold close to each other. You mean so much to me, and I hope you know that I’m always there for you. Your impeccable fashion sense and Draco Malfoy obsession will forever be the main characteristics I envision when I think of you. Thank you for being our memory keeper, for always holding a camera and editing the most wonderful nights into amazing videos we can look at over and over again. 

Payton Vincent: for your enthusiasm and being down-to-earth

One of my favorite memories that involves you is the night we stayed at your house and watched Rapunzel, ate mac and cheese at midnight, and stayed up way too late. The thought of you always brings some of my favorite moments that happened when we least planned it. Your constant enthusiasm and positive attitude always remind me that there is good in this world. I can always count on you to tell me when I am being too dramatic, something that occurs far too often. Remember that you are a stunning and amazing individual. 

Val Garza: for your goofiness and love of cauliflower tater tots

I will never not think of cauliflower tater tots when I think of you. I’m so glad I made the decision to sit next to you and Payton last year; I would never have met you, my goofy, chaotic, and constantly laughing friend. Your love of Timothée Chalamet first connected us, and now I know everything about you. The more I’ve gotten to know you, the more you have imprinted yourself on me. Thank you for your never-serious self and for always being ready to do something fun. 

Celine Merhi: for always laughing at my jokes and your ramen packets

I can always depend on you to laugh at all of my jokes, even though they’re rarely that great. You are such a kind person and give so much to others. I have always been and always will be jealous of your amazing fashion sense. Thank you for the insane amount of ramen packets you have delivered to my doorstep and for the amazing adventures we’ve had together. 

Masyn Cole: for your amazing attitude 

Thank you for always being down to talk and just being a very down-to-earth person who doesn’t let anyone change who you are. I always laugh at the way you react to having to spend time with your boyfriend.

Wyat Butler: for never giving up on me and for your crazy socks

I still can’t believe we first became friends because of your socks and my love of gum; all I can say is I can’t complain. You help bring out all the good in me and always keep me grounded. These past few months of dating you have been amazing. I’m so thankful for the memories I got and get to make with you. You always put a smile on my face, and I always feel safest in your arms. I love your mismatched dimples, your laugh, and your disregard for anything that gets in your way. You inspire me to become a better person. and for that, I love you more than words can say. 

Every single coach I have ever had: for pushing me and showing me what I am capable of

Thank you to all my coaches past and present that have shown me how pain can better me. You have put me through conditioning and so, so much running, and for that, I thank you. You have helped better me and showed me that just being okay is not okay. The things you’ve taught me at practice have followed me into my daily life and helped inspire me to always push for a better version of myself.

My cheer team: for your undying support and the safety of your friendship

I have never put more trust in a group of people than I have with all of you amazing people. You have been there for every heartbreak and every good moment in my life. I have grown so close to all of you through the pain we have shared. I’m so glad that cheer has helped me create such wonderful memories with all of you, and I’m so thankful for the advice and support you have shared with me over these years.

Mr. George: for pushing me to be the writer he knows I can be

Thank you, Mr. George, for always being there to support me when I need it and for pushing me to become a better person through my writing. You see what I am capable of and only want me to succeed, and for that, I am truly grateful. You have helped me prune a talent I have always had into a voice I can use to express my emotions and feeling. Writing has become such an important part of who I am, and I have you to thank for that.

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