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TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Grace Crook

Lilly Crook:

You annoy me so much, but I kind of love you for it. Thank you for being there when I’m bored or fighting with me over who has better handwriting (it’s me)–even when we scream at each other, we’re laughing at the same time. I’m so glad I have a running buddy—even if I AM faster—and you finally got to laugh at me for spraining my ankle. 

Sophie Kovachevich:

You’re my yellow. 3 years of being friends and it feels like a lifetime. You understand what I’m going through and how to help me. I don’t know exactly what our plans for the future will be, but I know we’ll meet in France. I can always guarantee to have a good time even if it’s sitting on FaceTime stalking someone’s mom. I’m so grateful to share my worst times with you, so we can experience the best together. 

Veronica Vincent:

My platonic soulmate. Thank you for always being there through everything. Thank you for knowing how to push me and help me be my best. Thank you for being able to have someone to talk to about our Harry Potter or Star Wars obsession. Thank you for being my fashion partner. I am so utterly jealous of you–the way you’re so effortlessly put- together. You’re the Fred to my George. I can’t express how lucky I am to be friends with you. 

Payton Vincent:

Thank you for being so understanding. Even when I make a cheesy joke, you laugh right along with me. Thank you for being so invested in making sure everyone has a good day. Thank you for making my day better with just a few words. For asking how my bear is, even when you already know he’s stuffed in between a crevice. 

Val Garza:

Thank you for being so determined. Thank you for making me laugh so hard. Thank you for all of our reminiscent moments we have and the cringe-y 9th-grade phase we both went through. Thank you for bonding with me over a squirrel that carried an entire movie and laughing at petty people on the internet. 

Celine Merhi:

Thank you for being a good listener. Thank you for just being there to listen to my problems. I still haven’t forgotten our plan to buy our shirts and go skating. Thank you for having everyone’s back and telling them to just go for it. 

Paulina Diesen:

Thank you for remembering how embarrassing I was in 7th grade. Thank you for laughing at how we both confessed the same thing at the same time. You inspire me. You’re so creative and I strive to share your values. Thank you for being the most supportive and always telling me how great I am, even when it should be you. 

Masyn Cole:

Thank you for the fun times in TCT. Thank you for always being the person to laugh at my jokes. Thank you for being true to yourself. Thank you for letting all of us crash at Brody’s Be and stealing candy (no we didn’t…).

Mr. George:

Thank you for making me be the best I can. Thank you for arguing with me over my grades. Thank you for letting me yell at you and tell you how bad I did on my AOM. I look forward to the last 2 classes of my day, because I know I can have the best time. 

My field hockey and lacrosse teams:

Thank you for letting me grow as a person and get stronger. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy what I really love. Thank you for pushing me past my limit and seeing the improvements. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and try new positions. 

My APUSH class:

We struggle together. Thank you for complaining about how hard the tests were because then I know it’s not just me. Thank you for making the class fun when it should be another boring hour of history.

Natalie Mix:

My editor who encourages me: thank you so much. Even if we’ve only known each other for a few weeks and haven’t even met in person, my writing would never be half as good without you. 

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