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2020 Wrapped: our years in review

2020 was, as every single one of us has probably said at some point, an "unprecedented" year. In no way, shape, or form do we have any intent of diminishing any one of the gut-wrenching events that occurred this year with this series. As a staff, we wanted to each highlight both the little and big moments of our individual years. It's a "2020 wrapped" of sorts, and for the next ten days, we each will be highlighting 20 moments that we hold near and dear to our hearts—the moments that were shining lights in some of the darkest moments of the year. Check back here every day for a personal peek into staff's 2020 in review.

Abby Wright’s year in review
Lynlee Derrick’s year in review
Lauren Batterbee’s year in review
Emma Zawacki’s year in review

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