Abby Wright’s year in review

  1. The “Congratulations” next to my name in my letter of acceptance to Syracuse University—my dream school.
  2. My art made into something permanent.
  3. Every early morning and mid-afternoon on Rosy Mound beach.
  4. My two puppies, Lulu and Apollo, for making their home anywhere I am.
  5. Every late night driving in circles around my neighborhood.
  6. The sparkly Saturn ornament hanging on my door—a symbol of all the love and laughter Lynlee and I shared this year.
  7. The Ben and Jerry’s ice cream stains on my windowsill.
  8. Every single chai latte—usually iced but hot when I needed the warmth the most—that depleted my bank account.
  9. Re-reading the book that changed my life.
  10. The sand perpetually caked in one pair of socks.
  11. My seventeenth birthday.
  12. Playing on the painted jungle gym with only the reflection of the Christmas lights to guide us.
  13. The hazy summer nights, a single blur of May-June-July, where my sunlight catcher cast rainbows around my room.
  14. The baja blasts, cheese curds, concrete mixers, and tacos that always rejuvenated me on my way home from work.
  15. Taylor Swift.
  16. The Glossier package I gifted myself and the note that went along with it.
  17. Seeing the first snow and thinking, “Maybe this isn’t so bad.”
  18. The sailboat on the river.
  19. Every single album that got me through every single day of this long, long year.
  20. The ladybugs that always reminded me everything will be okay.

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