Photo of Reid Davidson captured by Sawyer Bosch

Student Q&A: Reid Davison

Name: Reid Davison

Grade: 12

1. How are you acclimating to the switch to Canvas?

“[Canvas] hasn’t really affected me very much, so I haven’t really noticed [the change].”

2. Do you feel like switching to Canvas has improved your learning and/or the structure and organization of your classes?

“I feel like [Canvas] has deteriorated my learning and really just the entire structure of the teaching system.”

3. What do you believe are the advantages of Canvas?

“I really see no advantages of using Canvas.”

4. What do you believe are the disadvantages of Canvas?

“I think Canvas will take a long time for teachers and students to [master] which will delay [the] time used for actual teaching.”

5. Was your initial view of canvas different at the beginning than it is now after some weeks of use?

“I hated it at first, and I still hate it now.”

6. Are most of your teachers’ Canvas pages organized similarly?

“They all look the same, which confuses me.”

7. Do you have a teacher(s) that is thriving while using Canvas more so than Google Classroom?

“None of my teachers seem to want to use Canvas, and none of them are good at using it.”

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