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Abby Berlin

Student Q&A: Abby Berlin

Name: Abby Berlin

Grade: 11

1. How are you acclimating to the switch to Canvas?

“[The transition to Canvas] has been okay so far. I’m still having issues with certain parts [of] it.”

2. Do you feel like switching to Canvas has improved your learning and/or the structure and organization of your classes?

“Personally, I prefer Google Classroom because I already knew how to work it. Since switching to Canvas, I’ve had a lot of problems actually operating it and turning in work. And, some of my classes use both Google Classroom and Canvas, so it gets confusing where to look for certain assignments.”

3. What do you believe are the advantages of Canvas?

“[In the future,] if we end up taking a class that uses Canvas, we’re already familiar with it.”

4. What do you believe are the disadvantages of Canvas?

“It was really stressful having to learn a new program with very little warning before school started. I was super stressed that I wouldn’t be able to join my Zooms since I didn’t know how to use [Canvas].”

5. Was your initial view of Canvas different at the beginning than it is now after some weeks of use?

“I no longer have an issue using [Canvas] after my teachers [have] went over how to operate it. However, I still prefer Google Classroom over Canvas.”

6. Are most of your teachers’ Canvas pages organized similarly?

“They all have a similar outline thanks to how Canvas is set up.”

7. Do you have a teacher(s) that is thriving while using Canvas more so than Google Classroom?

“I feel like most of my teachers prefer Google Classroom like us. Just like us, they had to learn how to operate a whole new platform rather than just continuing teaching on what they know.”

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