Lauren Batterbee

Name: Lauren Batterbee

Grade: 11

Position on staff: Print Managing Editor

1. What does using your words entail?

“I spend a lot of time on my writing, and a lot of half-started columns, editorials, and short stories sit collecting dust in my google drive folders. I really want my writing to be good because I know at least seven people will read it. If I can’t get the right words down, I switch to a different topic so [that] I can give each topic what it deserves. Most of the time, in order for the story to be at least relatively good, I need to write it all in one sitting or be really passionate about the topic. I take time to ‘control f’ the words I know are disgusting and bland, and I try to make my words be something someone will enjoy.”

2. How did you get introduced to writing?

“When I was little, my mom gave me notebooks to do whatever I wanted with. In the beginning, I usually just used them for drawing or attempting to write a word or sentence, but as I got older and learned how to actually write, I started writing little stories and blurbs or passages. In second grade, I started writing a series with [fellow staffers] Liza and Rylie. The stories were very interesting and accelerated incredibly fast, but I enjoyed writing and drawing for them.”

3. Why do you write?

“There was a time from around fifth to ninth grade where I didn’t think I really liked writing because it was always something assigned to me. But I joined The Central Trend in 10th grade because my friend said we were going to do it together when I was in eighth grade, and someone I looked up to suggested it as well. When my first story was published, I fell in love with writing. I write because it takes me into a different place—either into my story and thoughts or into “the zone,” from Soul. I get to look at my life from a different perspective, and I get to see what my mind can create, which is fun. I also hope that someday I can change someone’s life with my writing, so that is a good goal to work towards with my writing.”

4. Where do your short stories come from?

“It really all depends on the story. My first short story for the site, I actually don’t remember my inspiration other than an image of a red rusty bike that turned out to be a new bike in my story, and while I was writing it, I thought about A Christmas Story. My second story came from a random word generator; the next came from Emma telling me to write about fairies. This semester it came from a lamp in [newspaper advisor Ken] George’s room looking like the Pixar lamp, just thinking about shadows in general, and an assignment for my AP Lang class. So it really all depends on the week and some little cell in my brain that goes ‘ooooh, here is an idea!’ And then my hands start writing away, or my brain locks it in tight for a time that the computer is in front of me.”

5. What is your favorite story that you’ve ever written? Why?

“I personally don’t like reading my own stories because I have some confidence issues, so I don’t really know. Some of the stories I was most excited to write are the ones about my family and my Pixar short story. I also really enjoyed writing the veteran feature because I got to hear stories about veterans’ lives.”

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