Film Festival Q&As: A Helping Hand

Film Title: A Helping Hand

Genre: Adventure

Interviewee: Allie Mairn

Group members: Ashley Bowen, Isabella Debano, and Katie Hurbanis


Can you give a five-minute elevator pitch for your film?

“Upon the death of their Grandpa, a group of girls torn [apart with] grief follow what their Grandpa left for them. Walking through [the] woods, streets, and facing many obstacles, [a] treasure awaits.”

What inspired you to get into filmmaking?

“Our group has always enjoyed making small videos and projects.”

What were your inspirations for the film?

“Everyone’s had a loved one pass, and it’s a good reminder that they are always with us.”

How would you describe your film in one word?

“Relatable. Although not many people have had their grandpa leave a treasure map for them, they can relate to the storyline and the message of our movie.”

What is the best part about the Film Fest project?

“The best part is seeing all of your groups’ hard work finally take shape and create a great movie.”

What is one major lesson you’ve learned from this project?

“How much [work] goes into making a movie.”

Can you give me the rundown of what it took to make this film?

“It took about a month of planning, then an extra 2-3 months of filming and editing to get everything together.”

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