Teacher Appreciation Week Notes: day one

“I appreciate Mrs. Stone for making math really easy to learn this school year. I felt like her teaching style helped me to understand every unit we did. She also was really gracious [and] let me take extra time on my tests after school, and I really am grateful [for] that.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Post for how kind and thoughtful she is. She cares so much for her students and I know she has the biggest heart!”

“I appreciate Ms. Stiles because she made this year really fun and memorable. Not only was she a great history teacher that made learning fun, [but] she also did so much for our school this year. I’m grateful that I had her as a teacher because I made so many memories in her class.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Will for how organized she is and how she is always so engaging during class. Even though sometimes our class doesn’t show it, we really appreciate how hard you work so we can learn.”

“I would like to give appreciation to Mr. Pierce for helping everyone thoroughly understand the concepts of Geometry and presenting the information in an easy, comprehensible manner. Although Geometry itself is not my favorite subject, I am very glad to have a teacher who doesn’t put overwhelming pressure on the students.”

“Thank you to Mrs. Will for being a great math teacher and for the extra help [you] gave me.”

“I appreciate Mr. George for how hardworking and fun he is. And, I especially want to thank him for just being the best teacher ever.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Stone for how kind she is. And, I especially want to thank her for always being willing to help me with my math homework.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Whalen for how hard she works to make us all feel appreciated. She is an AMAZING teacher and is always so kind.”

“I appreciate Mr. Cal Anderson because he values his students’ opinions and is willing to help them really learn the subjects, even if it means taking time out of his own day to do so.”

“I appreciate Mr. Chudy for how hard he works to make all of us feel appreciated. He is super funny and always knows how to get the class excited to work.”

“I appreciate Mr. Riley because he does his best to make us all understand new material. He never wants us to be stressed so he does his [best] to prevent this from happening.”

“I appreciate Mr. Ivory for working hard to create a light-hearted atmosphere in his classroom and for doing his best to make all students feel not only loved but at home. I appreciate his upbeat energy and how much he genuinely cares for everyone he comes in contact with.”

“I appreciate Mr. Hartman because he’s been in my math class for two years, and he has always given me extra help when I need it. However, above all of the stuff he has done for me, the best part is that I can tell he really believes in me.”

“I appreciate Señora Dykhouse for how hard she works to make all of us feel appreciated. She is always so caring.”

“I appreciate Mr. Riley for having a drippy shoe collection.”

“I appreciate Mr. George for being the teacher that cares about all of his students. He truly cares about each one of us, and he always likes to ask about how we are doing.”

“I appreciate Ms. Steensma for always being positive and happy through this tough year and for always making yoga a calm and relaxing hour. I look forward to her class every day!”

“This week would not be a proper teacher appreciation week if it didn’t include Ms. Stiles! As my history teacher, she is very engaging and talkative. I love this aspect of her because, as a student, I get the impression that she is a human person instead of a robot trying to shove information in my [crammed] head. Furthermore, Ms. Stiles is very compassionate in what she does and says, [and] I find it is always an adventure walking into her room!”

“Of course, Mr. George deserves a chunk of teacher appreciation as well! Mr. George creates engaging activities that force the students to stay focused and give it their all. I enjoy his class a lot, and it’s always a pleasure to have discussions with him face-to-face.”

“I appreciate Ms. Zilhaver for everything she does—not just during the school year, but also during the summer. She does an amazing job getting our marching shows ready.”

“I appreciate Mr. Chudy because he never fails to make me smile under my mask.”

“I would love to appreciate Mrs. Lipke for all the amazing things she does! Even though I don’t have her this year, she still offers to help me when she can and is a role model for not just students but also adults as well. Keep up the amazing work!!!”

“I appreciate Mr. Labenz because he made his classroom such a comforting place, and I genuinely enjoy history now, even though I’m not very good at it and answer nearly all questions with I’m not sure. I still appreciate Labenz for making me prepared for the exam and any other classes I will have.”

“I appreciate Miss Ryan, one of the few physical education teachers, for being a compassionate, dedicated teacher. She doesn’t make students feel terrible for activities they struggle with—which I seriously appreciate—and she is a genuinely nice person to converse with.”

“I appreciate Mr. Labenz because of all the ways he goes above and beyond to help us in our AP exam.”

“I appreciate Mr. George for how hard he works to make us all feel appreciated. I especially want to thank him for always making me feel better when I am stressed.”

“I would absolutely love to appreciate Mr. George for how much he has helped me grow this year as a student and person. He is such an amazing teacher and every little thing he does to help makes a big difference!!”

“I want to thank Mrs. Whalen for all her extra help and patience throughout this school year. She is the one teacher that you can always count on making you smile.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Stone for how she is always kind and happy. She is such a joy, and I love how she is always willing to help you no matter what. I want to thank her for a great year and for being one of my favorite math teachers!”

“I appreciate Mr. Fewell for how hard he works to make all of us feel appreciated. He is so kind and caring.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Whalen because she is very understanding and shows her appreciation to her students from simple compliments. She is so willing to accommodate to her students and makes so much effort to make her class as easy as it can be, and the schedule is always organized on classroom.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Anderson because she is so down to earth and understanding. She is so hard working for her students and shows her appreciation for her students through her simple actions and talks to her students like people instead of lesser just because of our age.”

“I appreciate Señor Silvestre for always believing in my capabilities and for making Spanish a fun and educational class!”

“I appreciate Mr. Labenz because he always improves my mood in the morning. I want to thank him for always being supportive of his students.”

“I appreciate Mr. Ivory because he cares so much about all of his students and works hard every day to make our day better.”

“I appreciate Mr. Riley for how he always asks how we are doing before we start on our work. He loves to hear about our weekends and what is going on in our lives. I want to thank him for giving us fun projects that I actually want to do.”

“I appreciate Mr. George for how much he has done for us this year. I especially thank him for the help he’s given me on getting caught up in all of my classes, not just English.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Anderson, for just being my teacher. These two years have been great in her class. I feel like I have never learned more. Thank you for all the effort you put in to help me.”

Señor Silvestre is completely and undeniably a fun teacher. He’s very amicable and seems to constantly have an optimistic perspective on life and what’s current in the world. Not only is Señor a good person to talk to, he also finds intriguing ways to lecture the class and gives pointers if we make a mistake in our Spanish. All in all, as a student in his third year Spanish course, I love having him around as a professor.”

“I appreciate Ms. Stiles because her class is always a source of light in my day. I never know what to expect, but she always has our best interests at heart, and for that, I am forever thankful!”

“I appreciate Ms. Stiles for how hard she works to make all of us feel appreciated. She is super funny and has a lot of energy.”

“I appreciate Mr. George for how understanding he is. He is so approachable and is so caring about his students. He helped me a lot through troublesome times, and I’m thankful to have had him as a teacher for my sophomore Honors [English] class.”

“I appreciate Mr. Ivory for always making my friends and me feel appreciated and seen. He always creates a fun and comfortable environment for everyone to have fun in.”

“(Roll the drums, please!) Mr. VonEhr is a wonderful chemistry teacher and is very practiced with the material he teaches. Whenever there is a new subject introduced to the class, he double-checks that we are able to take it in and absorb all the unfamiliar content. Additionally, I appreciate that his class is never too dull or boring, and that I am able to remain attentive throughout the entire class time.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Lipke because of how kind of a person she is and how well she teaches. She makes my hardest subject (trigonometry) easy to understand, which I really appreciate—especially after the learning gap I experienced after switching to in-person school after being online. Apart from teaching, she is also a great person—one of the nicest I know. She has a sort of motherly love for everyone in the class, and the lectures she gives us after we get a not-ideal grade on our tests make me feel cared for rather than angry or annoyed. Mrs. Lipke is someone who I will remember after I finish high school and hopefully for the rest of my life. She is much more than a teacher, and it’s really evident that she really enjoys her job, [which] I admire. Thank you, Mrs. Lipke!”

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