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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

Lauren Batterbee

Lauren Batterbee, Print Managing Editor

Lauren Batterbee is a senior entering her third and final year on staff for The Central Trend. She is almost always doing ballet, and if she isn’t, she is either plunging into homework or making memories with her friends. She is excited to have the opportunity to write for TCT again this year.


Favorite part about being on staff: Learning about herself and her peers through writing and interviewing

Favorite season: Winter

Favorite animal: Snowy Owl

Obsesses over: Disney, Christmas, and ballet

All content by Lauren Batterbee
Lauren showcasing some of her most exquisite dancing

[Photo] Lauren Batterbee is dancing into the next chapter of her life

May 6, 2022

Lauren showcasing some of her most exquisite dancing

This was me, excited for my first day of Kindergarten.

It’s time to close the page on chapter one

May 5, 2022

My friends and I are all dying. Through AP exams, decisions, and goodbyes, it’s been a struggle. Though after the stormy darkness, there is a lifetime of memories that’s only just beginning.  I’ve...

My parents have done so much for me over the years.

I’ve finally found some words to say thank you

April 28, 2022

Over the years, I have found myself being very repetitive in the topics I write about. I write about my love of childhood and my longing to return to the blissful days of ignorance. I write about ballet...

Beylul has gone on many adventures throughout her life, this one was in Spain.

Beylul Kahsay doesn’t need her house to feel at home

April 26, 2022

Last year, senior Beylul Kahsay was nervous about the food she was about to eat.  She was on a food tour in Spain with her family. She did not know much Spanish, and the person ordering her meal for...

The first time I was in Chicago with my brother and sister by my side.

This goodbye won’t be for forever

April 21, 2022

My first time in Chicago was when I was about 10 years old. It was a spring break adventure that I remember the most random parts of.  I remember walking around the American Girl Doll store at Water...

A picture from the senior sunrise when I sat with my friends making memories

I am not ready

March 31, 2022

117 unfinished columns sit in my Google Drive. Some mere words that once were brilliant ideas, but there wasn't enough time and now they seem like gibberish to me. I have so much I want to say and only...

Senior Sophie Hartl has come to be a well-rounded person

Sophie Hartl finds time for her friends despite her rigorous load

March 29, 2022

Senior Sophie Hartl joined sports for the ice cream. Or rather the image of the ice cream. She was never the one on the soccer or baseball field—in fact, she often ran away from the ball if it ever...

Cheaper by the Dozen 2022 has been out on Disney+ since March 18th

The new remake of Cheaper by the Dozen tried too hard

March 24, 2022

Whether it is a cartoon being made into live action or just a quality movie trying to make it in the modern age, remakes seem to be the trend of the movie business nowadays. From Lion King to Home Alone,...

I walk on the curve while I look to the beautiful sky.

There’s more to a curb than cement

March 17, 2022

A curb.  A little block of cement to separate the road from a sidewalk or garden.  I haven’t been able to convince myself that I am going to be an adult soon. Sure, I understand the age, and...

Senior Elyse Walker smiles for the camera in between her homework and practice.

Dr. Seuss helped Elyse Walker become more curious

March 15, 2022

In third grade, senior Elyse Walker learned how to make oobleck, like in Bartholomew and the Oobleck.  She, along with all of her classmates, rolled up her sleeves to mix cornstarch and sat in awe...

Before she died, all three of us were best of friends.

Over and out

March 3, 2022

It has been 365 days. Three hundred and sixty-five days since my sister died. It was a horrible crash—a T-bone. She was away at college on her journey to become a professor there. The call was horrible....

Senior Sam Schwarze is aiming to become a high school science teacher

Sam Schwarze is looking to return to high school

March 1, 2022

In one word, senior Sam Schwarze is ambitious.  Over the years, he has taken up numerous sports such as rowing, cross country, and soccer. He has also learned oodles of instruments ranging from the...

After having fans vote on a cover picture, this is the one Tyler Shaw landed on for his new song.

“Love You Still” by Tyler Shaw is a perfect song to listen to on repeat

February 24, 2022

I have never really been angry at anyone. I have never had any romantic relationship. I have no direct connection to most songs as they discuss these or alcohol. However, I can imagine what it feels like...

I was so full of energy and laughter as a child

I am still me

February 17, 2022

Wispies. Everywhere. My hair is more like a lion’s mane than a young girl’s ponytail. But that is how it always has been. From a little child, my hair was insane. Though it was brighter than it...

This is the Wordle from a few days ago I luckily guessed on the third try.

Wordle has filled the world with five letter words

February 15, 2022

Lettered tiles scattered across the table every time senior Rylie Beatty unzipped the yellow banana-shaped bag and flipped it upside down as she prepared to cream her family in a round of Bananagrams.  As...

Here is the promotional poster for In from the Cold

In from the Cold could be an honorary Marvel movie

February 10, 2022

Large action scenes, fights, intense scheming, and an intriguing plot—all components of a great Marvel movie.  However, Marvel has been busy these past few years turning out show after movie after...

A smiley face I found earlier this year by my car

She was sad

February 3, 2022

She is happy. She’s heard good news a lot recently. She isn’t doubting her friends. She is enjoying her classes.  Everything is how it is supposed to be. She laughs with her friends and smiles....

John Orr in Target holding a stuffed Winnie the Pooh

John Orr has an obsession for words

February 1, 2022

Sophomore John Orr has not missed a game of Wordle since he started playing. Every day, he finds himself on the website, trying to come up with the selected five-letter word in the least amount of...

The promotional poster for the new show, Pivoting

Pivoting is a series that provides me with thirty minute spurts of laughter

January 27, 2022

Pivot.  When it is said, Ross Geller, from the TV show Friends, comes to mind. His word of hope echoes throughout the stairwell as he attempts to get his new couch up to his apartment. He just keeps...

A picture of me in 10th grade when I had slightly more confidence than I do now.

She isn’t proud

January 20, 2022

I peaked sophomore or junior year. The words I wrote were something people cared about, at least I think they were. I felt relatively proud of what I managed to squeak out. Now I write words no one...

2022 FHC’s Got Talent Q&As: Meribell Varghese

2022 FHC’s Got Talent Q&As: Meribell Varghese

January 17, 2022

Name: Meribell Varghese Grade: 12th Act/position: Judge 1. Why are you excited to be a part of the show? “I’m excited to be part of the show because I’ve really never done something like...

2022 FHC’s Got Talent Q&As: Logan Verlinde

2022 FHC’s Got Talent Q&As: Logan Verlinde

January 17, 2022

Name: Logan Verlinde Grade: 12th Act/position: Producer 1. Why should people come watch the show? “People should come watch the show because it's a bit different this year. We’ve got three...

2022 FHC’s Got Talent Q&As: Benji Zorn

2022 FHC’s Got Talent Q&As: Benji Zorn

January 17, 2022

Name: Benji Zorn Grade: 12th Act/position: Producer 1. Why should people come watch the show? “People should come watch the show because they’re going to see acts that the school has never...

The movie poster for the new 2021 movie, Ron’s Gone Wrong

Ron’s Gone Wrong is a hilarious yet heartwarming movie

January 13, 2022

In 2014, a robot and his owner took over my emotions. I cried and laughed and had hope for the marshmallow-looking robot on my screen.  Big Hero 6 was the first robot movie I could never stop watching....

I have come full circle, from being a little soldier looking on at the snowflakes to being a snowflake myself.

Over nine years, I have traveled through Clara’s dreams

December 16, 2021

It has been nine years since I got my first email congratulating me on being in The Nutcracker.  Nine years of choreography. Nine years of struggling through school at the same time as rehearsals into...

Owen Li in the stands of a football game as he participates in one of his other hobbies: playing the flute.

Owen Li cracks the code

December 7, 2021

Just as many other kids often enjoy in their free time, freshman Owen Li loves to play video games.  The thrill of moving up a level, or beating the boss, or even just figuring out the ropes of a new...

These are some woods I love to look at when I am stressed

Breathe in; breathe out

November 30, 2021

I walked outside today. Not to get into a car or a building, and not to be distracted by the thoughts in my head or the world around me.  I walked outside and actually took a deep breath in and out....

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2021: Lauren Batterbee

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2021: Lauren Batterbee

November 22, 2021

My family—for not selling me on eBay  You have had seventeen years of opportunities to sell me on eBay—whether it be for a penny or more, I’m sure it could have worked—but you’ve kept me,...

A picture of the posters for both Ciao Alberto and Olaf Presents

Disney+’s new shorts are full of love and laughter

November 18, 2021

When I went to a Disney movie as a child, I was always excited to get there early. Not because I wanted to watch all of the ads or be respectful to the other watchers, but because I couldn’t wait to...

Debbie Friedli pictured on the left, along with Prinz Casimir zu Sayn von Wittgenstein (the prince of Germany) and the princess of Germany in January 1980.

2021 Veterans Day Q&As: Debbie Friedli

November 11, 2021

Name: Debbie Friedli Branch of Military: Army High School: Various, due to moving What were the parameters of your service? “I went into the army in 1975, after college. I went to the University...

2021 Veterans Day Q&As: Steve Labenz

2021 Veterans Day Q&As: Steve Labenz

November 11, 2021

Name: Steve Labenz Occupation: U.S. History teacher Why is Veterans Day important? “I think it's important for us to, at a minimum, [take] one day to remember people who have fought for this...

2021 Veterans Day Q&As: Jason Riebel

2021 Veterans Day Q&As: Jason Riebel

November 11, 2021

Name: Jason Riebel Branch of Military: Air Force High School: Forest Hills Central  What were the parameters of your service? “I was in the Air Force from 2001 through 2007. I was stationed...

A picture of both of my grandpas I never met

I wish I could have met you

November 11, 2021

I wish I was older—not just a baby or a distant thought. I wish I was old enough for us to meet and for us to at least have made a few memories. I wish I could have seen your bright smile, like the...

2021 Veterans Day Q&As

2021 Veterans Day Q&As

November 11, 2021

Over the years, many people in the West Michigan community have risked their lives to serve our country. Leading up to Veterans Day, we will be posting Q&As with Veterans and active duty service members...

Veterans Day Q&As: Joshua Sweeney

Veterans Day Q&As: Joshua Sweeney

November 10, 2021

Name: Joshua Sweeney Branch of Military: Army High School: Forest Hills Central What were the parameters of your service? “I am currently serving. I’ve been in the United States Army since...

Veterans Day Q&As: Mel Bauman

Veterans Day Q&As: Mel Bauman

November 8, 2021

Name: Mel Bauman Branch of Military: Army High School: Ottawa Hills What were the parameters of your service? “Well, I was drafted in 1965, which is a long time ago, and I retired in 2005;...

The album cover photo for Pentatonixs new Christmas album, Evergreen

Pentatonix’s new album, Evergreen, exceeds my Christmas music needs

November 4, 2021

Every year around Halloween, I start to tingle with Christmas spirit. I check the radio every day from around the 29th of October until the stations actually change the music to Christmas music. Last year,...

This bear is saddened by all of the animals he sees affected by humans feeding them

We don’t need your handouts

October 21, 2021

Your food is amazing—addicting one might say.  I only discovered the convenience and flavor explosion of it last week, but I can’t wait to eat more. All I have to do is open a little metal disk...

A collage of my friends I have made in the past

My confidence has dwindled, but I’m still making friends

October 14, 2021

When I was little, I was full of confidence. I could have conversations with strangers and share my thoughts. I didn’t care what others thought of me, and I never let anything get in the way of my beliefs....

You don’t want to miss this year’s Bandtasia on October 21st!

Bandtasia is the perfect way to end the marching season for the band

October 12, 2021

Last year, senior Jack VanderVeen made a goal for himself. Whether it be through school or something else, he was determined to push himself beyond his comfort zone.  In the end, he decided to try...

The poster for The Guilty (2021) shows Jake Gyllenhaal made from words of some phone calls he has answered

The Guilty had no action scenes, but it made my heart race

October 7, 2021

After I watch a movie or finish a TV series I like, I tend to either look up the show’s Instagram, the individual actors’ Instagram, or both. After I watched The Guilty, I went to the show’s Instagram,...

I am facing mountains like this one that I will someday climb with ease

I’m facing a mountain

September 30, 2021

A hill was once a mountain. Fourth graders were once giants. High school classes were once a bunch of mumbled up confusion with letters in the wrong subject and doctoresque words flowing from my siblings’...

Brenden Nelson has found joy in band and playing music in general.

Brenden Nelson finds deep admiration for his musical pursuits

September 28, 2021

Senior Brenden Nelson almost quit band. He was about to put away his saxophone and leave his instruments behind.  However, just as he was about to move on to a different hobby, Brenden went to band...

The poster of Monsters at Work includes a mix of old and new faces to Disney fans.

Monsters at Work answered the questions I never knew I had about Monstropolis

September 23, 2021

Tylor Tuskmon, voiced by Ben Feldman, had wanted to be a scarer for a long time, but when he got the letter of acceptance from Monsters, Incorporated, he was just a little too late to live out his dream.  In...

These are the countless pointe shoes that reside in my closet.

Though my pointe shoes may be dying, I am getting stronger

September 16, 2021

There is a box of dead pointe shoes that sits in my closet. It’s just a plastic bin my mom bought at Target, but it holds the memories of five and a half years of struggles and accomplishments.  My...

The layout of the school before it became one building.

Traditions give the community something to look forward to year after year

September 14, 2021

In some of the first years of the district, back when the school was just Forest Hills High School, the school consisted of multiple buildings. Students would have to walk from building to building to...

The album cover for Tyler Shaw’s new self titled album.

Tyler Shaw’s new album is filled with positivity

September 9, 2021

My music choice ranges from week to week. For chunks of time, I will listen to upbeat, well-known music and the next I will listen to throwbacks. From country to musicals, from sad and slow to the happiest...

Me and my nine new friends who gave me a summer full of adventures.

This summer, I lived

September 2, 2021

This summer, I learned what it was like to be a teenager.  During the school year, I am too overwhelmed about grades and getting to dance to be a true “teenager.” I never go out on weekdays, and...

Lauren and Liza with big smiles on the last day of fourth grade before going off to separate schools.

You’ve got a friend in me

June 3, 2021

*Lauren is in italics as she wanted to be fancy, and Liza is not because she wants to be taller.  Due to our matching golden locks of hair, we claimed to be sisters. We were attached at the hip, theoretically...

As I waited for the next ride or next character to see, I dreamed up adventures with my Disney friends.

I wish to be a lost boy

May 26, 2021

Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood is where I would love to live. Hidden from the adult world and surrounded only by my friends and the troublesome, ragtag team of stuffed animals that come to life.  Life...

This is my favorite page in my favorite childhood book—I Wear My Tutu Everywhere!

I am built from stories

May 19, 2021

From the Frances the Badger books to Little Critter, I loved listening to stories when I was little.  All of the greats were in my family’s repertoire: Arthur, Amelia Bedilia, Berenstain Bears, Fancy...

Vickie Miller is retiring at the end of the year after 23 years.

Soon to retire, Vickie Miller found a sense of family through FHC

May 17, 2021

As custodian Vickie Miller sifts through her memories, one thing she was able to check off her bucket list was going on a cruise. Miller loves traveling and will hopefully be seeing more of the world as...

Teacher Appreciation Week Notes: day four

Teacher Appreciation Week Notes: day four

May 6, 2021

“I appreciate Mrs. DeMeester for being inspiring, kind, and always making class fun and engaging.” “I appreciate Mr. Anderson and Mr. VonEhr. Not only do they dedicate every moment of the school...

Teacher Appreciation Week Notes

Teacher Appreciation Week Notes

May 5, 2021

Check in every day this week for more thank you notes from students at our school to teachers at our school!

Teacher Appreciation Week Notes: day three

Teacher Appreciation Week Notes: day three

May 5, 2021

“I appreciate Mr. Fisher because he was really nice and worked hard to make class interesting and make students feel included. I appreciate that he checks in with students and is very understanding.” “One...

When can I see you again?

When can I see you again?

May 5, 2021

I met you all at varying points throughout my life.  Randomly becoming best friends in my third grade yet not knowing why, sitting in front of you during the terrifying class of APUSH on the first...

Teacher Appreciation Week Notes: day two

Teacher Appreciation Week Notes: day two

May 4, 2021

“I appreciate Mrs. Lipke for how much she wants us all to succeed; she is always there for help and support and truly gives math her all every day.” “Mrs. Will, thank you for the limitless support...

Teacher Appreciation Week Notes: day one

Teacher Appreciation Week Notes: day one

May 3, 2021

“I appreciate Mrs. Stone for making math really easy to learn this school year. I felt like her teaching style helped me to understand every unit we did. She also was really gracious [and] let me take...

Maggie Molitor has always been in touch with her creative side

Maggie Molitor has always been in touch with her creative side

May 3, 2021

Thanks to all of the time she spent stuck at home last year, senior Maggie Molitor was able to explore her creative side.  With a little help from the internet, Maggie was able to discover her new...

How many masks do I wear?

How many masks do I wear?

April 28, 2021

What’s behind the mask?  A mouth. A nose. The bottom of someone’s face. A chin, maybe some freckles.  What’s behind the fabric that saves lives?  A smile? A frown? Contagious happiness?...

My past selves lead me home

My past selves lead me home

April 21, 2021

I checked the first thing off my bucket list when I was eleven years old—I made it into the Grand Rapids Ballet Junior Company. I was cast as the role of a deer in Snow White. While this may seem...

April 22nd, Earth Day, isn’t the only day the our globe needs caring for

April 22nd, Earth Day, isn’t the only day the our globe needs caring for

April 19, 2021

Senior Amanda Lemmeyer has always admired the Earth. As a young child, she liked to get her hands dirty and explore the woods while others were inside staring at their video games.  Wanting to learn...

Like a phoenix, I will rise from whatever gets thrown my way

Nothing will hold me down

April 14, 2021

Sometimes, disappointment slaps me in the face. I don’t get the role I wanted. I don’t get into that summer intensive. I don’t do so well on a test.  But like a phoenix, I will rise out of my...

I am a weed, and that’s okay

I am a weed, and that’s okay

March 31, 2021

The trees are blooming and I am ready to fall.  Don’t get me wrong, I love spring; it’s my second favorite season. It’s just what is associated with spring as a high school student that I don’t...

Whether he has headphones in or a pencil in his hand, music is a big part in Furzaan Abidi’s life

Whether he has headphones in or a pencil in his hand, music is a big part in Furzaan Abidi’s life

March 29, 2021

Senior Furzaan Abidi moved from place to place throughout his childhood.  He was born in Detroit, but for the first four years of his life he lived in Canada. From there he moved back to the Detroit...

Anthony stares into the distance as he misses his friend.

It all goes downhill

March 24, 2021

Anthony’s best friend, Grant, died yesterday. Grant’s door to his house—a beautiful, tall door of stone which should have been stable if not for the monster—was destroyed and he was also in the...

As I finish tying my shoe, my best friend stands before me.

I am left behind with only a shoelace

March 17, 2021

Cross them over and under the hill. Pull them tight so they won’t fall off. The floor I plopped down on is as dirty as ever. A half-torn, yellow, dried-up leaf catches my eye. What is the story behind...

Two of the alumni teaching the students during musical auditions

FHC alumni return to help the theatre department put on High School Musical Jr.

March 15, 2021

2014 FHC alumna Ashley Kooistra considers herself as a “Gabriella Montez.”  High School Musical’s Gabriella is known for being studious, somewhat shy, and a great singer, and Kooistra believes...

The floor was always lava

The floor was always lava

March 10, 2021

I wake up in a room by myself, propped up in a bed.  My neck can move more easily, and my body is numb. I am scared to move too much though, for I fear the pain will return. It’s hard to believe...

Sara Stadel (left) and Wendy Ellis (right) in the office

A sad goodbye met with a welcome hello: Q&As with Wendy Ellis and Sara Stadel

March 5, 2021

Wendy Ellis has been working hard and being a friendly face at FHC for eleven years. This was her last week here. 1. Why are you moving? “My husband got a new job in Florida, so [my family is] all...

The floor is still lava, even when she’s gone

The floor is still lava, even when she’s gone

March 3, 2021

Every minuscule inhale I muster through includes a shooting pain like glass rattling up my lungs. Every tiny exhale allows that glass to fall back from where it came from. My head is throbbing as if...

Amytess speaking at a protest that helped her get the scholarship

FHC alumna Amytess Girgis will be exploring new opportunities on a different continent

March 1, 2021

FHC alumna Amytess Girgis is making the journey across the ocean and moving to the United Kingdom next year. As of right now, making this move of 3,726 miles will be difficult for her. Amytess is unprepared...

The floor is lava

The floor is lava

February 24, 2021

My arm covers my eyes as one eye pops open. My grasp on sleep loosens and disappears. My last dream vanishes from my memories despite the brevity of the moments that passed between reality and imagination. My...

I am a forgotten memory

I am a forgotten memory

February 17, 2021

Socks come in pairs. It is indisputable. Unless you are one of those socks that are made for mixing and matching, you always have a twin. My twin was my best friend. Even as we sat in the sock drawer...

The game boards for each hour has the continent on it with each countries’ military pieces.

AP World History’s World Diplomacy game immerses students into a project based learning history project

February 15, 2021

Senior Ana Ahmed, former Supreme Leader of Costa Luna, went to all lengths to make sure people would not convict her for the title of saboteur during the World Diplomacy Game. Despite her country’s...

I fear the presence it holds

I fear the presence it holds

February 10, 2021

The field lies before me. An empty void of flowers and beauty, yet the darkness soon curls over it.   Burgundy, obsidian, midnight blue: lurking over the daily dew. Hungry for all joy.   A...

The far off island where the victim lives is a place beyond her reach.

She is looking at a sea of guiltless eyes

February 3, 2021

On a faraway island, a yelp is heard. A yelp of pain. A screech of misery. A cry for help. Yet she can’t get to the victim. She sits on her island, wasting away time that she could be helping...

Through help from those around him, Everett Phipps has become the person he is today

Through help from those around him, Everett Phipps has become the person he is today

February 1, 2021

Sophomore Everett Phipps has his plate full of activities he enjoys. Whether he started them when he was little or he has just recently found them, he enjoys all of his activities for a different reason. Playing...

A tater tot for a fruit snack is a rather fair trade

A tater tot for a fruit snack is a rather fair trade

January 27, 2021

Marley hands me a fruit snack. They are so full of chemicals; I shouldn’t eat them—what if I get fat? I pop it into my mouth. The orange bursts into my mouth with the tastes of winter when oranges...

Paten Per’s hat, which is different from Peter Pan’s because they are different.

I have a name, too

January 20, 2021

A keyhole. That is all the light I get. A keyhole entering the terrifying box I’ve been defeated by. The box is filled with sharp things like scissors and needles, cloth things like napkins, and some...

Martin Luther King Jr. is an inspiration to many people.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is still important, 53 years after his death

January 18, 2021

Martin Luther King Jr. gave 2,500 speeches from 1957 to his death in 1968. With these 2,500 speeches, he travelled six million miles in order to inspire people from all over the country (Youth for Human...

This is the lamp that showed me the light about my friends.

The blinding light of betrayal

January 13, 2021

I am here on one side of the glass window, staring at a scared reflection of myself, while the people on the other side take a guess on whether or not I am guilty. At least I know the other people wrapped...

These are the lilac and light green walls of my life

These are the lilac and light green walls of my life

January 6, 2021

I started my days in the lilac room in a crib. I don’t remember these early days, but they were real. The lilac room with a beautiful castle on a hill with a carriage leading up to it. The lilac room...

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