2022 FHC’s Got Talent Q&As: Meribell Varghese

Name: Meribell Varghese

Grade: 12th

Act/position: Judge

1. Why are you excited to be a part of the show?

“I’m excited to be part of the show because I’ve really never done something like this before, and it was an opportunity that I did not think I would get. I’m excited to be there, have fun, be with the other judges, and see all the talents.”

2. What categories are you judging the contestants on?

“I feel like the day is going to come, and I’m just going to be blown away, but I feel like I’m going to look for creativity, confidence, uniqueness—something I’ve never seen before, something I personally could never do, which is hard to accomplish.”

3. Why should people come out and watch the show?

“People should come out and watch the show because the past few years we have not really had something like this because of COVID-19, and I feel like this year we have it back. We’re having it [at] the Fine Arts Center, and I think it’s just a fun night to relax and see all the talents of the school. It’s going to be fun to just hang out with your friends and see what the people of the school [are] made up of.”

4. Which America’s Got Talent judge do you relate to most and why?

“I feel like I have to go with Sofia Vergara. I don’t want to say I’m funny, but she has this humor and no filter kind of character and behavior, so I feel like I kind of resonate with that because I feel like I kind of say what comes to my [mind] and don’t hold back.”

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