We don’t need your handouts


Photo Collections user from Pexels.com

This bear is saddened by all of the animals he sees affected by humans feeding them

Your food is amazing—addicting one might say. 

I only discovered the convenience and flavor explosion of it last week, but I can’t wait to eat more. All I have to do is open a little metal disk off of a cylinder and feast upon all that you throw away, in all of its easy, sugary goodness.

My friends have mentioned your food before, but never before have I had the courage to actually pursue said food—you are all very terrifying to me. I never understood those bears who could just wander on into your campsites and eat. I never understood why they would want or need to. But after tasting the sweetness of your candies and the salt covered nuts, I completely understand. 

Some of my wildlife friends have it much easier. They never really felt the fear that came with glimpsing one of your kind. They have never felt the pit in their stomach as they tried to hide from your weapon-yielding, bear-hating kind. 

I’ve seen my friends start to rely on you.

The cardinals and chickadees never thought twice about going up to your buildings. You even leave food out for them to feast upon in your own yard. A variety of seeds are left out throughout the houses to offer food for all of the different species of birds. You love to see their different colors and hear their different songs, just as anyone in the forest community does. 

Piles of oats are left around for the deer to feast upon, but in the past, you would be harmful towards me if I tried to taste them. 

Maybe now I can eat with the squirrels and the birds and the deer. Maybe now that you’ve seen me, you know I’m not so bad—I’m just trying to survive. 

However, I know what you’re capable of. I know you have a dark side. 

I’ve seen my bird friends weaken and sicken as they eat at your feeders. I have seen the competitions that break out among animals for a space on the feeder when there is a whole world out there that could provide for them. I’ve seen my friends start to rely on you. I’ve seen them become aggressive towards you—if they aren’t being fed they will come after you. 

Are you poisoning them? Are you trying to change our diets?

I have seen countless animals on the side of the road, and I always hope they lived a good life. There are more and more, partially because they have a source of food by you, and that is your leftovers or handouts. 

Despite this, your food is so good. The fats and sugars and calories and whatever else you stuff into it allows the food to taste much better than the raw fish, insects, and roots that I scour the land for. 

Despite the pain you have caused, I might start eating your food more regularly—I can taste the tidbit I had just by thinking about it. Your food, though left out and thrown away, is still perfectly good, and it’s a dinner for me.

So thank you, but please help me stay safe—I know it’s a dangerous world.