Teacher Appreciation Week Notes: day three

“I appreciate Mr. Fisher because he was really nice and worked hard to make class interesting and make students feel included. I appreciate that he checks in with students and is very understanding.”

“One thing that really helps me focus in class is when the teacher actually has control of the class. Mrs. Dykhouse is that kind of teacher, and I also really appreciate her efforts to help us actually learn and remember Spanish. In her class, I get the feeling she really cares.”

“I really appreciate Mrs. Potts! I had her last year, and she is such a great teacher. I learned how to improve my annotating and think deeper about books. I didn’t really fit in in the class, either, and she did her best to make me feel like I belonged.”

“I appreciate Mr. Fisher because of all the hard work and effort he put into the yearbook to make it look great! His humor always lightens the room and makes the class fun.”

“I appreciate Mr. Miedema because he works hard to make sure his classes are having fun but also learning something. The things you learn in his classes can be used in the real world. Without his classes, I would probably be lost heading into college, but because of them, I know what I want to do and have an idea of how to do it.”

“I really appreciate Mrs. Will’s organization; it’s just my style of learning that I work well when things are planned out. She always has a schedule for the week and a pretty regular class structure, and I know that’s really difficult to have this year with the constant switching of learning styles.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Will for how hard she works so that we can all learn and how she is always organized.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Stone because she works so hard to make our online/class experiences as organized and fun as possible. Thanks, Mrs. Stone!”

“Throughout my years of high school, I have appreciated all that Mr. Fisher has done! I don’t think I have ever heard a student complain about him. He makes class feel very laid back, comfortable and always knows how to crack a joke. He also cares about our personal lives and makes sure to show that!”

“As we have moved through multiple different learning plans and an overall rocky year, Dr. Keller has been one of the greatest supports. Not only does she live an exemplary—that’s a Membean word—lifestyle, but she truly manages to juggle graciousness with tough love and grit. On top of that, talking with her is like unlocking a treasure chest filled with master’s degrees and infinite knowledge, and when given the chance, I would argue with her every day on the merits of Amy March.”

“I’d like to give a special thank you to Mr. Carhart, whose class is honestly one of my favorites to arrive to each day, whether it’s the opportunity to see my friend, the abundance of jolly ranchers and granola bars—despite the fact that they haven’t been restocked in far too long—or the subject that I’ve come to adore. No matter what it may be, thank you!”

“I travel through life with little certainty, but the one thing I know is that I want to major in Political Science someday, and I would not have this assurance if it were not for Mr. Lowe’s freshman Civics class. I will swear until the end of time that political discussions and the inner workings of the government would not be as fascinating to me as they are if not for the help of that class, and for that, I am very grateful.”

“I appreciate Mr. Colegrove because of how he helped me through biology my freshman year. I always struggled with science classes, but he made everything very understandable and easy to comprehend.”

“I appreciate Mr. Brad Anderson because of his absolute dedication to preparing me for the AP exam. He has walked us through every possible scenario, and I feel very prepared for life beyond the classroom after his class. I enjoy his endless stories about life before all of us were here at FHC.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Potts because, even though I had her two years ago, she always says hi to me in the hallway and asks me how I’m doing. She’s always made it clear that she supports me and cares about me, and I treasure every time I get to talk to her. I miss being in her class every day because she would always get our whole class excited about whatever we were doing that day, and she was constantly encouraging me to do my best. Thank you, Mrs. Potts, for watching me grow and making me feel seen.”

“I appreciate Mr. Belsito for simultaneously giving me freedom to regulate my schedule for my online class while keeping me on track and encouraging me to utilize smart routines so that the class doesn’t get away from me. Whenever I talk to him, I can tell that he’s truly listening to me and cares about my success. He makes his students a priority and works hard to keep us all informed, which I admire because he has so many different students taking different classes, and yet he makes sure to check in with all of us individually and ask how things are going. Thanks for being a constant, Mr. Belsito.”

“I appreciate Mr. Scholten because he always puts his students first. He is always on task, gets things done, and is overall a phenomenal teacher and mentor in APES.”

“I appreciate Mr. Garbowitz because he works really hard at his job and makes math easy to understand while also making the class really fun and engaging.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Richardson because she is very helpful and considerate of her students. She always does her best for students to have a positive learning experience, and she is always there when a student needs help.”

Mr. Buhk, I appreciate all the stories you’ve shared to the class giving us a glimpse of your life outside of school and breaking down the border. You work so hard to make every day fun and interesting. I appreciate how you always make us feel comfortable and important as students.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Velie because she was my freshman year English teacher, and to this day, she tells me about how she reads my TCT stories! She was always very kind, and had our best interests at heart!”

“I truly appreciate Sra. Stacey because she is so kind and really does an awesome job of relating to her students. She made me enjoy learning Spanish and coming to her class every day!”

“I appreciate Mrs. Anderson because she’s always there for me, even if it isn’t ASL related. She’s who I go to if I have a bad day, and she always makes it better!”

“I appreciate Mrs. DeMeester because I don’t think my first ever musical would have been as amazing of an experience if it wasn’t for her.”

“I appreciate Mr. Rogers because he knows how to motivate his students and is hard working. I appreciate all the time he puts into his work and his students.” 

“I appreciate Madame VanHouten because she works incredibly hard every day in order for the French students to fully understand the material and the language.”

“Even though I’ve never had Ms. Stynes as a teacher, she and my sister-in-law are friends, and I’ve never had an interaction with her that was not welcoming and kind.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Heinz, for helping all of your students in math! Even when you were gone, you made sure we were receiving the best education from substitutes, and we all really appreciated it!”

“I appreciate Mrs. Gaiser because she is such a caring teacher and never fails to say hello or offer a smile to me in the hallways, even though I had her my freshman year.”

Mr. Pool: a charismatic, tolerant man. I will never forget going into orchestra every day with the sole objective of being a nuisance, which he handled very gracefully for a person working at multiple schools per day and reigning in unruly kids. I’ll remember him fondly. Hopefully, he keeps entertaining the audience more than we do at assemblies.”

“Thank you, Mr. Jon Anderson, for your humorous and easy-going nature. Whether it be a good or bad day, you never fail to make people laugh and lift their spirits with your jokes.”

“I appreciate how Mrs. Wilcox makes us feel comfortable and important as students. She works so hard to make every day fun and interesting.”

“Thank you, Mme. VanHouten for making French class somewhat enjoyable, even when I still don’t have a clue how to get As on my journals. Thank you for making the class fun and creating different activities to help verbs stick in our brains. Thank you for being patient with us when we forget grammar we’ve been working on for a whole week. I have such a close bond with almost everyone in the class and striving to make us the best we can be.”

“Thank you, Mr. Smith for your help in Calculus! I couldn’t have gotten through the AP Calc exam without your teaching and help!”

“I appreciate how kind and supportive Mrs. O’Brien is of her students.”

“I appreciate all the help that Mr. Miedema gave me freshman year, and I really enjoyed all the stories that he told as well as hearing about all of his children!”

“I appreciate Mrs. Butler because she works hard to provide the perfect learning space and guides us through assignments at a pace we can handle. I also appreciate how Mrs. Butler encourages us to be engaged in the classroom.” 

Mrs. Kimball, I appreciate all you do for the school and the dedication you put into your work; I know you work so hard to make everyday fun and interesting for all your students. I appreciate how compassionate you are for your students.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Felton because she is so kind to everyone and is really good at her job.”

“I appreciate that Mrs. Chen always works hard to make sure that everybody understands the content and is extremely helpful with any questions that we have.”

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