Teacher Appreciation Week Notes: day four

“I appreciate Mrs. DeMeester for being inspiring, kind, and always making class fun and engaging.”

“I appreciate Mr. Anderson and Mr. VonEhr. Not only do they dedicate every moment of the school day to helping students, but they make the classroom feel like home. Both of these teachers will greet you with a smile and ask how you are doing when you walk into class.  Mr. Anderson and Mr. VonEhr are not only great teachers but great people who are always willing to listen to whatever you have to say and will be there to support you. I appreciate every moment with them.”

“I appreciate Mr. Chudy for always playing funky Chem songs!”

“I appreciate Mr. Fewell because he is always there to help you no matter what. If your project breaks or you have a mental breakdown (it happens) because of a project, he will jump right in and do whatever you need him to. He is such an amazing person, and I think that everyone should take one of his classes because they are missing out if they don’t.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Anderson because she is a sweetheart. You can tell that she truly loves every single one of her students, and she is such an amazing Sign Language teacher. I love her so much that I had to take level 3 ASL because I don’t know how I would get by without it. She is the highlight of our days, and I could not thank you more, Mrs. A!”

“I know I’m not alone when I say this past year has been the most difficult year of high school for me, and I personally have found myself struggling in Geology because I simply cannot click with science. However, Mr. Spadafore has always been there to help me try to grasp a concept, even when I’m weeks behind and should’ve asked him my questions a long time ago. He is one of the most understanding people I’ve ever met, and it’s solely because of him that I continue to pick myself up again in that class. If anybody else taught that class, I don’t think I would be so excited every time we start working with a new set of rocks. Mr. Spadafore is so passionate about the subjects that he teaches that it’s impossible to not feel at least a little bit of that excitement. Thank you for never giving up on me, Mr. Spadafore.”

“Even though I do not have her as a teacher, I appreciate Mrs. DeMeester. She will forever be one of my favorite (and silliest) teachers. She invited me into [the] musical, and I could not be more thankful that she made it such an amazing experience for me. I adore you so much, Mrs. DeMeester!”

“I appreciate Dr. Keller, as she is the absolute best in every way possible.”

Mrs. Zilhaver, I might’ve been out of band for a semester, but you’re still wanting me to be my best and not treating me different. You work so hard for marching season, and it’s so mind-blowing with the amount of work you put into the band. Thank you for everything you put into the band.”

Mr. Labenz, you’re one of the few teachers I’m able to trust with my college path and someone I know I can talk to when I’m figuring out what classes to take and how to go into the profession. Thank you for being someone I can talk to about my hopes for my upcoming years.”

“I appreciate Mr. Scholten for all of his help in human anatomy! He is always there to answer questions and willing to help with whatever activities we are doing.”

“I’m thankful for Ms. Zilhaver. She is such a fun band teacher and knows how to have fun with her students—especially at band camp!”

“Merci Madame VanHouten! Your class is the highlight of my day and the class I look forward to! Thank you so much for making the class fun and proactive!”

Mr. Manders, although film projects isn’t running next year, it’s by far one of my favorite classes now, and I feel bad that the lower classmen won’t be able to experience the greatness that is film projects. Thank you for always wanting us to be our best selves.”

Mrs. Post is the sole reason I passed my freshman year math class. Granted, I failed the next year, but that’s beside the point. She spent a ridiculous amount of time with a generally apathetic student (me) just to raise my grade to above an E. Staying after class was never something she had to do, and there’s a degree of altruism to something like that many teachers lose after a while.”

Mr. George, you have been by my side this year seeing me grow as a writer, and without you, I wouldn’t have gotten this far. Even though you think I’m a sophomore, I still think you’re a great teacher.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Whalen for all of her help when it comes to math. I would be so lost without all of her extra help!”

“I appreciate Mrs. Burnaby because she is always so helpful and there for you if you need anything.” 

“I appreciate Mr. Davis because he’s patient and guides his students to where they’re expected to be. I appreciate how Mr. Davis has a mix of serious and humorous at the perfect time.” 

“Thanks, Dr. Keller! You are so knowledgeable, and you love to share your knowledge with us!”

“Thank you, Mr. Brad Anderson! It is so evident how passionate you are about teaching and history, and all of your students really appreciate you sharing your passion!”

“Thank you, Mr. Spadafore! Biology was so much fun with you! I appreciate how much effort you put into your classes and your teaching! I now have an emotional connection to the Amoeba Sisters because of your class, and for that, I am so grateful.”

“I appreciate [you], Mr. Chudy, for how much effort you put into making Chemistry fun! I have so many funny memories from being in your class last year, from asking constant questions during labs to singing the element song. You were so welcoming to not only your students but the exchange students! Thank you!!”

Dr. Keller, I appreciate you so much for being so understanding this year and giving such gracious extensions to work #choiceboards.”

“I appreciate Mr. Ivory for how much he loves to sing. He is always pushing us to be better singers, and it is so clear that his passion is in his voice and on the piano. Thank you so much for helping me become a better singer every day!”

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