Ron’s Gone Wrong is a hilarious yet heartwarming movie



The movie poster for the new 2021 movie, Ron’s Gone Wrong

In 2014, a robot and his owner took over my emotions. I cried and laughed and had hope for the marshmallow-looking robot on my screen. 

Big Hero 6 was the first robot movie I could never stop watching. The lovable characteristics Baymax holds made me want my own. Now, a new robot is here. 

Ron’s Gone Wrong is the 20th Century Studios’ take on a lovable robot and his teenage friend. However, the two movies are barely alike—Baymax is a healthcare companion who could never hurt anyone, while Ron (voiced by Zach Galifianakis), the robot in Ron’s Gone Wrong, is a malfunctioning, glorified phone. 

The world of Ron is one where Bubble Bots were recently released. They are the next “thing” after cell phones. Bubble Bots were made in order to more easily make friends; however, they were not as successful as the inventor, Marc Wydell (Justice Smith), hoped.

Shy Barney Pudowski (Jack Dylan Grazer) is the only one in his class to not have a Bot. His family didn’t want him to be addicted to technology like most kids his age. On his birthday, however, he was shamed since he didn’t have a Bot and people came to his house to bully him. This occurred right after his dad (Ed Helms) noticed how upset he was that he didn’t get a Bot. So, he and Barney’s grandmother (Olivia Colman) went on a mission to find one, and that is how the broken Bubble Bot Ron came into Barney’s life. 

Throughout the movie, Barney grows to love Ron, despite all of the trouble he gets in. Though they have their fights and their miscommunications, Barney and Ron would do anything to help the other, and Ron earns the sticker he wanted since the beginning that says, “best friend out of the box.”

Ron’s Gone Wrong is a movie filled with laughter. The characters all worked together to form a splendidly hilarious story. Ron, with the help of Barney’s grandmother, Donka, is one of the reasons for this amusement. 

Ron is a sweet and innocent robot, straight out of the factory, who was never online. Therefore, he does not have the information or restrictions of the other Bots. This leads to hilarious fights, blunder upon blunder, and memories that would never have happened if Barney got a fully functioning Bubble Bot. 

Ron’s Gone Wrong couldn’t have been more right.”

Donka, though she is a side character, brings to life a sweet grandmother who doesn’t think about how others see her, yet would do anything for her family. She brings her goat around with her and attempts to trade it for a Bubble Bot, and she is convinced that her son died because of a demon inside of a cashew. These among many other small details led her to be one of my favorite characters.

Not only is Ron’s Gone Wrong funny, but also it brings back movies of my past and conglomerates it into one. Though the plot is one that I have never really seen before, some characters resemble those of the past. 

Ron and Baymax would possibly make an even better friendship than Ron and Barney. Both have an adorable appearance and an innocent personality in their own ways that would be entertaining to view together. Additionally, Mr. Pudowski reminds me greatly of Vector from Despicable Me. They are drawn very similarly and both have odd quirks. Who knows, maybe Vector switched to inventing novelty goods and Mr. Pudowski now sells them. 

So, Ron’s Gone Wrong couldn’t have been more right. The hilarious jokes even turned into a beautiful ending and an attempt to get us off our phones and to pay attention to the world around us.