TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2021: Lauren Batterbee

My family—for not selling me on eBay 

You have had seventeen years of opportunities to sell me on eBay—whether it be for a penny or more, I’m sure it could have worked—but you’ve kept me, so thank you. I can’t wait for this week and Christmas break when we are all together and making memories again. Thank you for dealing with my questions and helping me with everything. Thank you for the countless games and traditions we have formed. Thank you for being weird with me and understanding my unique sense of humor. Thank you for being my family members who are also my friends. 

Julia Brown, Rachel Marco, and Liza McCarthy—for never walking away

Julia, thank you for staying up late to watch HSMTMTS with me—and for the future when we watch season two soon. Rachel, thank you for coming up with crazy ideas in French with me and for the random texts of fun. Liza, thank you for the mornings and dealing with my craziness first thing after I wake up.

I am so thankful that I am in at least one class with each of you. The past has been hard without that, but we have made it through. You all have had plenty of chances to walk away and never remember me again, but you haven’t. So thank you for staying with me. Your random texts and waves in the hall always make me smile. Our weird conversations seem normal to me. You understand that I am crazy, yet you have stayed. So, thank you for being my best friends and never walking away, no matter how weird or annoying I get. 

Olivia Borgula, Micah Jones, Maddie Muth—for years of being you

Y’all, I miss you. After three to eight years, it was hard for us to split away from each other. We’ve made it through hard classes, made imaginary rats, traveled to different lands, bonded over the littlest things, and found joy in calling each other friends. Thank you for the years of memories I will never forget. I am so lucky to have met you guys; I know you’ll go far with whatever you decide to do. You are so strong, smart, creative, and a million other adjectives I don’t even know. Thank you for everything. I can’t wait to see you all again. 

Anna, Bernadette, Claire, Emily, Kayla and Tyler—for being stuck with me

I don’t know if you guys really wanted to be my friends, but I decided you do, so you’re stuck with me now. I am glad I overcame my fear of you, because, let’s be honest, I was afraid of all of you when we first met. Thank you for inspiring me everyday with kind words and your beautiful dancing. 

Anna, thank you for your constant positivity and inspiring attitude. Whenever I am feeling down or bad about myself you always know how to cheer me up. Bernadette, thank you for being my twin and loving Christmas and snow as much as I do. Thank you for reading my stories and for the help building up my confidence—I think it’s getting better. Claire, thank you for keeping me in the loop and for two years of becoming friends. Emily, thank you for figuring out the world of zoom together and for becoming closer through that bonding. It’s always fun finding a barre spot with you. Kayla, thank you for saving me through everything and giving me tips and for your nonstop kindness. Tyler, thank you for coming up to me on the first day I went in person and saying “hi” and for the continued friendship that came from that. 

My lunch table—for taking me in after a week of awkwardly sitting in the gym hoping someone I knew would come sit with me

I am so thankful for you being willing to give up one of the eight seats that are connected to the circular tables by the windows in order to let me eat with you. I have made many friends through you guys, and I can’t believe it took me until senior year to do so. Our jokes and the knowledge I have learned from you guys has been tremendously fun. You’re an amazing group of humans, and I will continue to check your backpacks and put my bagels in the freezer to stop the mold. 

My teachers—for working hard to make me a better human

Thank you for dealing with my challenging schedule and working with me to make sure I still get a quality education while I train. You are all so helpful and inspiring and never fail to teach me something and make my day a little bit better. 

Mr. George, thank you for giving me a home in school and for allowing me to disturb your peaceful prep hour for two years. Thank you for continuously working with me to allow me to stay in TCT and for letting me discover writing as something I love. 

Mrs. Will, thank you for the positive energy you always have and for your love of math and teaching. You have taught me how to be a more curious person through AP Stats, and I am grateful. 

Mr. Belsito, thank you for the random facts, peaceful music, and “how was your weekend.” 

Mr. Scholten, thank you for teaching me a topic I am passionate about and can use in other subjects. Thank you for your creative ways of teaching and for being willing to teach three Batterbees. 

Madame, c’est l’onzième année consécutive avec un “Batterbee” dans votre classe. Alors, merci. Merci de tous ma famille et pour nous enseignant le français et comment être une bonne personne. J’aime le cours de français et vous rendez meilleure l’école. Merci pour votre soutien et gentillesse. 

Avery Jordan, Natalie Mix, and Emma Zawacki—for the mornings and everything you do

Though I’m sure Mr. Ed Nibbles and Chad miss our daily conversations, thank you for helping me stay sane during first hour. You guys are so much fun and actually respond to my questions, so thank you. Thanks for putting up with the numerous questions I ask you everyday that distract you from editing or writing or whatever you are working on. Thanks for having awesome tastes in music and for singing along so I am not alone. Thank you for the millions to billions of words you read each week and for making the site so incredible. You guys are amazing and your words inspire me. 

Alyssa Cheslek—for our rekindled friendship

After freshman year, we never saw each other. This year, I am so thankful for second and third hours. It is so nice to have our friendship back, like the two years in between had never happened. Thank you for helping and encouraging me through online assignments and college applications. You make the day better and don’t mind when I take a long time to get ready, or at least I hope you don’t. Thank you for three years of friendship and many more to come. 

Jessie Warren—for taking on an adventure

Jessie, thanks, just thanks. From a young child in first grade to now, you have been my friend. Though for a good six-ish years there we didn’t talk, I’m glad you joined TCT. Although we weren’t in the same class, we started to become friends once more. This year has been so fun making new memories, and I can’t wait for more. By the way, our print edition will work if it’s the last thing I do. I am so grateful for all of the editing you do for me, and the fellow determination for our job. I am so lucky to have a friend like you. (:

Sydney Race—for the high-fives

Though I have never had a class with you, and we have only spoken in the mornings, we have still managed to build a friendship. Thank you for our hallway high-fives that brighten up my day. I learn more about you everyday through our morning conversations and reading your stories. You are truly an amazing human, and I can’t wait to see what you do. 

Tananya Prankprakma—for our weird “handshake”

I know you think it’s weird and we don’t do it anymore, but I kind of like it, and it’s still a part of our friendship. Thanks for five years of fun. You have taught me so much and helped me through many of my classes, and I am so thankful. Not only that, but we have managed to have fun and go rock climbing and ice cream eating, and I am so glad you joined me in the computer lab in 8th grade so we could become as good of friends as we are now. 

DeLaina Billingsley—for however we became friends

I don’t really remember how we became friends this year, but I am thankful. You brighten up the day and you always want to know how I’m doing. Our waves in the hall are something that I always look forward to and try to beat you at getting there. Thank you for being interested in ballet and letting me talk about things you probably could care less about. Thanks for being a good friend.

Sam Brown, Jadelin Hinkel, Jack Vanderveen, and Maya Rogne—for dealing with my weirdness in APES 

I was afraid on the first day of school that I would be alone, considering it is a mostly junior class, and I didn’t really talk to anyone the first few days. But I am glad I have gotten to know you and that some of you switched into fourth hour. Thank you for observing or joining in on my craziness and not making fun of me to my face. 

Emmalyn Holmquist and Ella Satterthwaite—for fifth hour friendships

On the first day of school, I didn’t really know what to expect this year. Going into fifth hour, I didn’t know who would be in my class, but I am glad you guys are. Emmalyn, you are so creative, and I love to see how you decorate the classroom. Ella, you are so helpful, and I love to hear your stories. Thank you guys for the fun conversations and the help you give me.

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