Tracy Will inspires students and teachers alike through daily quotes


When walking into the main entrance of the school your eyes seem to dart to the seemingly bare, blank, whiteboard on the wall. On closer inspection, you’ll find a variety of inspiring quotes written every morning by math teacher Tracy Will.

“I think that motivational quotes,” Will said, “if I can have a little quote in my mind, it sets the tone for my day and I wanted to extend that opportunity to kids and adults that walk this school.” 

Each day dawns a new quote written up on the whiteboard, sometimes to fit an occasion or just to fit the mood or even the season. Quotes will either be planned or come straight from her Pinterest board. 

Will believes that even a little inspiration can go a long way throughout the day.

“In my brain,” Will said, “I just like having mantras to focus on during the day it keeps me in the right frame of mind.”

These inspirations didn’t begin until around three years ago. Beforehand the whiteboard was only to communicate with guests of the building. They kept it free of posters, leaving a blank, uninspired wall that eventually inspired Will to move students and teachers alike. 

“I [thoguht] ‘hey, let’s throw a quote up there,'” Will said. “I just did it. Nobody asked me, nobody told me I could, I just started doing it.”

One thing Will has been known for is her positive attitude and buoyant outlook in life, but her inspiration to inspire all happened in a leadership camp. Sophomore year of high school was the year she learned her favorite quote:

In order to lead the orchestra, you must first turn your back on the crowd.’ – Mike Mentzer 

“[The quote] made me feel free to believe in what I believed in,” Will said, “even if my friends were doing something different. Sometimes you need to turn around and follow the path you chose and that was ok to do.”

Positively everyday a new quote is being written, and days and attitudes are changed. 

“Really if it just changes the attitude and self-esteem of a hand full of students a day, I think that it’s worth it to make each day different than the one before,” Will said. “I know teachers will seek me out on one particular day and say ‘ hey I liked your quote today’ so I think it does matter and even if it’s to a handful of kids it’s still worth it.”