Emmalyn Holmquist finds joy in her busy schedule


Sophomore Emmalyn Holmquist idolizes the world of music. 

She receives an extensive amount of joy from taking the time to produce music both with and for her friends and family. 

Currently, Emmalyn spends one hour every day in the choir room during school. However, choir classes were not always on her radar. 

“I used to play a lot of instruments,” Emmalyn said. “I played cello for a little bit and then I taught myself how to play the viola, then I taught myself how to play the ukulele, and then I taught myself how to play the piano.”

Emmalyn believed that learning how to play one instrument made it easy to learn how to play another. 

Even though the achievement of learning how to play an instrument is vast, Emmalyn felt as though it was not enough.

“I would learn how to play something and then I would get so far in it and then I wanted to just keep going and enhance my learning,” Emmalyn said. “Then I would try other things and thought those were all pretty cool too.”

Her admiration for the music world kept her mind off of every worry she came across. 

Emmalyn adored playing every instrument she picked up, but there came a time when playing those instruments was not a conveniently accessible option. 

“Playing all of those instruments definitely kept me busy,” Emmalyn said. “Then I started crew and school because that was during my off-season so once I started crew, I got a lot busier and just kind of forgot about it.” 

As much as Emmalyn loved playing instruments and singing, she knew it could not always be a possibility. This, however, does not mean she was unhappy with the added business to her schedule. 

In fact, the primary reason Emmalyn began playing all of those instruments in the first place is that it filled time and kept her busy.

“I think I feel better about myself when I keep busy because I don’t have time to worry about the little things,” Emmalyn said. 

Emmalyn’s busy life has kept her both in the dark and light moments, but it never truly stopped her from reaching her goals.”

Though some people may find stress hidden beneath their piles of extra-curricular activities, Emmalyn finds her stress surrounding her boredom. 

Emmalyn has used her busy schedule to her advantage both mentally and physically.

“I think [staying busy] helps me get through the day and keep my self-esteem up because I am forced to keep going,” Emmalyn said. “I am the type of person that needs to stay busy in order to do well in life.” 

Although the effect of having a crammed schedule seems ideal to Emmalyn, there are hardships that follow the benefits she sees. 

As much as Emmalyn loves her friends and family, she sometimes finds it difficult to make time for them.

“I feel like there are times that my relationships with people might get put on hold because I am so busy,” Emmalyn said. 

It can be difficult to find time for her to develop her relationships, but she knows that does not mean she will disregard them completely. 

Her friends and family are Emmalyn’s support system in rough times. 

Two months ago, Emmalyn had to get surgery on her wrist. After four years of playing volleyball, her wrist could not take the amount of pressure she was forcing it to take. 

It was that surgery that showed Emmalyn how much better her life is when she is able to take part in activities, and it was her friends and family that helped her through those moments. 

“I had to take a week off of school and crew after my surgery,” Emmalyn said. “Then, when I came back, I found myself at a disadvantage because everybody else can do all of the crew workouts, but I can only do some of them.”

Each obstacle Emmalyn faced, however, did not stop her. Even though there were some things that became more difficult to achieve, she never stopped trying.

“I still go to crew practices, and I try the best I can,” Emmalyn said. “It’s not always fun watching other people move forward while I’m stuck behind, but I know I’ll get there soon enough.”

Emmalyn’s busy life has kept her both in the dark and light moments, but it never truly stopped her from reaching her goals.

“Sometimes [being busy] can be stressful, but it’s good for me because it’s better than sitting around and not doing anything,” Emmalyn said.