Mock Election Results 2021


Best hair: Brady Nolan

Most fashionable: Emma Lohr

Class clown: Jack Fitzgibbon

Worst driver: Dawsen Beach

Most likely to become a celebrity: Lauren Bont

Most likely to be on a reality TV show: Whitney Currie

Friendliest face in the crowd: Aidan O’Meara

Best smile: Rachel Toole

Most creative: Anthony Zarou

Most likely to be Tiktok famous: Daci Funaro-Richards

Most influential: Matthew Mahoney

Class Flirt: Maguire Mahacek

Most likely to go pro: Carson Deines

Best friend duo: Mina Siebert and Audrey Sidebotham

Best nickname: Sam “Blur” Tuori

Most likely to sleep through graduation: Isaac Gurley

FHC’s Rachel Berry: Ben Lowen

Most likely to travel the world: Annika Santos

Most eco-friendly: Taylor Baumgardner

Most likely to be a famous musician: Katie Ritzema

Most likely to give a helping hand: Zoe Lipke

Most accident-prone: Rachel Lynch

Next U.S. President: Alex Shier

Most likely to win the Hunger Games: Max Melder

Most likely to teach at FHC: Rodrick De Oliveira

Best laugh: Emily Johnson

Next Hank Green: Sukhpreet Singh

Most likely to be your CEO: Dallas Hopson

Best mask: Lynlee Derrick

Next Jane Austen: Abby Wright

Hometown hero: Jonah Spates